In July 2003, the GCI welcomed the first of the 2003-2004 conservation guest scholars.

The Conservation Guest Scholar Program is a residential program that serves to encourage new ideas and perspectives in the field of conservation, with an emphasis on research in the visual arts (including sites, buildings, and objects) and the theoretical underpinnings of the field. This competitive program provides an opportunity for conservation professionals to pursue interdisciplinary scholarly research in areas of general interest to the international conservation community.

Scholars—who are in residence at the GCI for periods of three, six, or nine months—are given housing at a scholar apartment complex, a work space at the GCI, a monthly stipend, and access to the libraries and resources of the Getty. Now in its fourth year, the program has hosted scholars from 19 countries working on wide-ranging projects, indicative of the interdisciplinary nature of conservation.

Applications for the 2004-2005 scholar year are currently being accepted. The application deadline is November 1, 2003. Interested established professionals should visit the Grants section of the Getty Web site for information on the program and on application procedures. Information is also available by contacting:

Attn: Conservation Guest Scholar Grants
The Getty Grant Program
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1685 U.S.A.
Tel 310 440-7374
Fax (inquiries only) 310 440-7703

2003-2004 Conservation Guest Scholars

Denis Byrne, Manager, Research Unit, Cultural Heritage Division, New South Wales, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Hurstville, Australia
He will conduct research on "Religious Value—Asia and Australia."
January 2004-June 2004

Gerhard Eggert, Head, Study Program "Object Conservation," Department of Cultural Heritage Conservation, State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart, Germany
While at the GCI he will work on a textbook entitled Iron Conservation and Corrosion.
October 2003-March 2004

Jane Lennon, Adjunct Professor, Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific, Deakin University, Burwood, Australia
She will pursue research on "Cultural Landscapes: Their Designation and Condition Monitoring."
October 2003-December 2003

Alice Paterakis, Head Conservator, Agora Excavations and Museum, American School of Classical Studies at Athens
She will work on "Problems of Bronze Storage in Museums."
December 2003-May 2004

Hans-Jürgen Schwarz, Research Scientist and Project Coordinator, North German Center for Material Science of Cultural Property, Hannover, Germany
He will pursue research on "Salt Damage on Porous Materials."
September 2003-November 2003

Daniel Torrealva, Principal Professor, Department of Engineering, Catholic University of Peru, Lima
He will research "Seismic Strengthening of Stone Masonry in Architectural Heritage."
September 2003-February 2004

Isabelle Vinson, Editor in Chief, Museum International, Sector for Culture, UNESCO, Paris
She will work on "The Concept of International Heritage: International Values versus Global Market Forces."
July 2003-August 2003

Antoine Wilmering, Professor, Wooden Objects Conservation, Graduate Institute of Conservation of Cultural Relics, Tainan National College of Arts, Tainan, Taiwan
He will work on "Historic Developments in Furniture Restoration and Conservation."
June 2003-September 2003