By Shin Maekawa and Kerstin Elert

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Museums throughout the world face the challenge of finding nontoxic methods to control insect pests. This book focuses on practical rather than theoretical issues in the use of oxygen-free environments, presenting a detailed, hands-on guide to the use of oxygen-free environments in the eradication of museum insect pests.

This volume discusses the use of nitrogen as the inert gas used to replace oxygen, as well as the use of a few specific types of containers as treatment chambers. An initial chapter explains the general advantages anoxia offers museum conservators. Subsequent chapters discuss methods and materials, small-scale anoxia using an oxygen absorber, large-scale anoxia using external nitrogen sources, and protocols for insect eradication using nitrogen anoxia. Appendices include a list of manufacturers and suppliers of material and equipment used in nitrogen anoxia.

Shin Maekawa, coauthor of Inert Gases in the Control of Museum Insect Pests and Oxygen-Free Museum Cases, both from Getty Publications, is a senior scientist at the GCI. Kerstin Elert is a research fellow at the University of Granada, Spain.

Tools for Conservation series
224 pages, 8 1/2 x11 inches
6 color and 50 b/w illustrations 25 line drawings
ISBN 0-89236-693-1, paper, $60.00

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