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The Conservation of Photography: Three Perspectives
Awareness of preservation challenges for photographs dates back to photography's inception in the mid-19th century. However, it was not until the latter part of the 20th century that conserving photographs emerged as a professional pursuit. The current state of conservation of photography is examined by three professionals in the field who explore some key areas for research, outline the development and needs of photographic conservation education, and describe the critical role photographic conservators can play in the care of photographic collections.

Evolution of a Medium: A Discussion about Photography and Its Conservation
Image Permanence Institute in Rochester, New York, and Bertrand Lavédrine, director of the Centre de recherches sur la conservation des documents graphiques in Paris, along with Getty photographic conservators Marc Harnly and Teresa Mesquit, discuss the conservation of photographs with the GCI’s Dusan Stulik and Jeffrey Levin.

Conservation of Photographic Collections: A New Collaborative Project at the GCI
The conservation of photographic collections and photographic material is relatively young when compared with other museum conservation areas. To expand the existing body of knowledge regarding photographic conservation, the Getty Conservation Institute recently embarked on a collaborative project to advance techniques for characterizing photographic material and identifying variations in photographic processes.

Conserving Mosaics in Tunisia
The areas of North Africa along the Mediterranean that were once part of the Roman world are abundant in preserved mosaics—particularly in what is today modern Tunisia. As part of the GCI's project on in situ mosaic conservation, the GCI and Tunisia's Institut National du Patrimoine (INP) have collaborated on a program to provide training for INP staff in order to help save this immensely rich heritage from further deterioration.

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