In September 2001, the GCI welcomed three Getty Graduate Interns to the Institute as part of the Getty Graduate Internship Program. This year's interns are Gabriella Caballero Lopez, Francesca Casadio, and Satoko Tanimoto.

The internship program is designed to provide professional-level experience to students intending to pursue careers in art museums and related fields of the visual arts, humanities, and sciences. By offering interns the opportunity to participate in significant projects under the guidance of an experienced mentor, the program helps to develop skills and understanding of the profession's standards and best practices. While at the Institute, the interns spend a year receiving training in specialized areas from staff members.

Gabriella Caballero Lopez is working in site management planning, participating in the review and completion of management plan documents for the site of Joya de Cerén. In addition, she is involved in the preparation, planning, and completion of field campaigns to Joya de Cerén and Copán. Caballero received a bachelor's degree in architecture from Morelos State University, Morelos, Mexico, and is completing a master's degree in the restoration of historical monuments at the National School of Conservation and Restoration, part of Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia.

Francesca Casadio is completing her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Milan, Italy, where she conducted research on the impregnation behavior and performances of synthetic polymers used for the preservation of historic buildings. Working with the team of the Preservation of Lime Mortars and Plasters project, she is involved in the design and interpretation of laboratory tests to evaluate the properties of mortars or plasters formulated with a variety of processing procedures and additives, in order to identify possible repair or replacement materials for the conservation of historic structures.

Satoko Tanimoto, working in the GCI Museum Research Laboratory, is conducting a technical study of pigments in illuminated manuscripts, in collaboration with the Getty Museum's manuscript conservation department. She is also undertaking a technical study of Renaissance bronzes and a study of ancient and historic metallographic information relating to silver and its alloys. Tanimoto completed her master's degree in environmental science and management at the University of San Francisco and received a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from Kobe Pharmaceutical University in Kobe, Japan.

The Getty Graduate Internship Program offers full-time paid internships for graduate students currently enrolled in a graduate course of study leading to an advanced degree or for students who have recently completed a graduate degree. Further information on the Getty Graduate Internships, including a list of internships offered, can be found on the Getty Web site at:

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