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A Note From the Director

World Heritage: Shield or Target?
In the latter part of the 20th century, a new consensus on the importance of cultural heritage and the necessity to protect it—prompted in part by the two world wars, unprecedented in their devastation—led to the creation of international agreements designed to shield cultural heritage. But, as the destruction by the ruling Taliban of two giant fifth-century statues of Buddha in Afghanistan may demonstrate, the notion of world heritage, intended as a shield, may instead, at times, act as a target.

Cultural Heritage and International Law: A Conversation with Lyndel Prott
The director of UNESCO's Division of Cultural Heritage discusses the impact of a half-century of international law on protecting cultural heritage from damage or destruction amid armed conflict.

The China Principles
China's 3,000 years of unbroken civilization have created a vast range of immovable heritage. But rampant economic development and the rapidly expanding tourism industries pose threats to this heritage. In 1997 the Getty Conservation Institute and the State Administration for Cultural Heritage in China began a collaborative program with the Australian Heritage Commission to develop a set of principles to guide the conservation and management of cultural sites in China.

Values and Site Management: New Case Studies
Recently the heritage field has seen the introduction of values-based management, which takes a holistic view of a site. Its objective is always the conservation and communication of the values that make a particular site significant. In collaboration with the Australian Heritage Commission, English Heritage, Parks Canada, and the U.S. National Park Service, the GCI has initiated the development of a series of case studies that can serve as examples of how values-driven site management can be interpreted, employed, and evaluated.

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Updates on Getty Conservation Institute projects, events, publications, and staff.

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