Project Management Assistant Information & Communications

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Born and raised in Phoenix, Carol Cressler grew up the youngest child of four. Her father worked as a draftsman in the aircraft and aerospace industry; her mother was a public school librarian. Coincidentally—or not—aircraft manufacturing and libraries would figure into Carol's working life.

Attending the University of Arizona in Tucson, Carol started as an art major but switched her focus early on, and she earned a bachelor of science degree in textiles. After working in the restaurant business, she moved to Los Angeles at the suggestion of one of her sisters. Following a year with Continental Airlines in the technical publications department, she was hired by Rockwell International, where she ultimately worked as a supply management analyst in the B-1B aircraft program.

While still at Rockwell, Carol used vacation time to work as a wardrobe assistant on a feature film. Intrigued by the entertainment industry, she left Rockwell, after eight years, for a series of production jobs. Later, she took employment with a small advertising agency.

In 1993 the advertising agency closed its office, and Carol was hired on a temporary basis to work in the GCI's library. After two months, she was made a member of the staff, starting out as a library assistant. Her responsibilities included working at the circulation desk, helping patrons, processing library invoices, and supervising student assistants. She was promoted to senior library assistant in 1995; her new responsibilities included database searching, book ordering, and reference work. She became involved with Web production the following year, and as a result of increased Web responsibilities, she was promoted to project management assistant in 1998.

Today her work at the GCI is focused on Web production. In addition to producing and maintaining the online version of the GCI newsletter, she coordinates various aspects of the creation of new content for the site, including preparing digital images, tracking production of Web material, and maintaining the Web site files. She enjoys the creative and challenging quality of working in this new medium and she appreciates the scholarly aspect of the Institute's activities. Working at the GCI remains for her an opportunity for learning.