The GCI has a long-standing commitment to conservation education, reflected in a history of postprofessional courses and seminars. Changes in the conservation field—and the Getty Trust's renewed commitment to education—have prompted the Institute to reevaluate and strengthen its educational program.

Recognizing that this task requires both internal and external consultation, the GCI organized a meeting in Los Angeles from April 25 to 26, 2000, to discuss present and future needs in conservation education, the nature of the constituencies requiring training, and the methods most suitable to meet the identified needs. In addition to GCI and other Getty staff, participants included 15 conservation professionals of diverse background and experience who engaged in two days of discussion and debate with the aim of developing recommendations for future directions in conservation education.

The first day dealt with current conservation practice and trends—and the implications that these might have for education and training. The second day considered developments in education generally, also with an eye to identifying how these might influence the delivery and effectiveness of conservation education.

To frame the discussions on the first day, two participants presented short background papers, one dealing with the conservation of movable heritage, the other with the conservation of the built environment. Each paper looked at the structure of the profession (i.e., how work is accomplished), including the role of the conservation professional, societal and other trends influencing practice, and changing needs and their impact on practice.

On day two, emerging trends in the educational field were addressed in a third background paper, followed by a discussion of their relevance to and adoption by the conservation field. The afternoon of this day was devoted to the development of practical recommendations regarding education needs and priorities.

The event provided a forum for a dynamic and creative exchange of ideas and experiences. Although they are rarely seated around the same table, professionals from the worlds of movable heritage and the built environment discovered many shared concerns, while clarifying areas where needs differ.

A more complete report of the meeting's proceedings and recommendations will be published in a subsequent issue of this newsletter.

Meeting Participants

Catherine Antomarchi
Director, Collections Program

Gustavo Araoz
Executive Director
Washington, D.C.

Angel Cabeza Monteira
Secretario Ejecutivo
Consejo de Monumentos Nacionales
Santiago, Chile

Christina Cameron
Director General
National Historic Sites
Parks Canada

Debbie Hess Norris
Program in Art Conservation
Winterthur - University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware

Rikhard Hordal
Director of Conservation Studies
EVTEK Institute of Art and Design
Vantaa, Finland

Frank Matero
Chairman, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation
University of Pennsylvania

Sonya Milly
Training and Development Officer
Conservation and Scientific Services
Canadian Conservation Institute
Department of Canadian Heritage

Colin Pearson
Cultural Heritage Research Centre
University of Canberra

Eduard Sekler
Professor of Architecture, Emeritus
Osgood Hooker Professor of Visual Art, Emeritus
Graduate School of Design
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Will Shank
Former Chief Conservator
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco

Luiz Souza
Director of CECOR
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerias
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Nicholas Stanley-Price
Institute of Archaeology
University College London

Kate Stevenson
Associate Director
Cultural Resource Stewardship & Partnerships
U.S. National Park Service
Washington, D.C.

Giorgio Torraca
University of Rome "La Sapienza"

Getty Participants

Erica Avrami
Project Specialist
Getty Conservation Institute

Kathleen Dardes
Project Specialist
Getty Conservation Institute

Valerie Dorge
Project Specialist
Getty Conservation Institute

Kathleen Gaines
Group Director, Administration
Getty Conservation Institute

Randall Mason
Senior Project Specialist
Getty Conservation Institute

Jack Meyers
Deputy Director
Getty Grant Program

Jill Murphy
Chief of Staff
J. Paul Getty Trust

Jerry Podany
Conservator, Antiquities
J. Paul Getty Museum<

Alberto de Tagle
Group Director, Science
Getty Conservation Institute

Jeanne Marie Teutonico
Special Advisor to the Director
Getty Conservation Institute

Marta de la Torre
Group Director, Information & Communications
Getty Conservation Institute

Tim Whalen
Getty Conservation Institute