Jeanne Marie Teutonico has joined the staff of the Getty Conservation Institute as special advisor to the director of the Institute, Timothy P. Whalen. She will be advising the director on a range of issues related to the work and mission of the GCI, with particular initial emphasis on the selection and design of Institute projects.

Teutonico comes to the GCI from English Heritage in London, where she was senior architectural conservator. Her other professional appointments have included coordinator of the international architectural course at ICCROM and deputy director of historic building and site services, department of conservation science, Bournemouth University. She will continue as lecturer in the graduate program in historic preservation at the University of Pennsylvania.

Another recent appointment to the GCI director's staff is Kristin Kelly, formerly the Getty Museum's manager of administration. Her initial duties include advising the director on a number of staff development issues. In addition, she will review and assess several existing projects, as well as work with Whalen and Teutonico on a number of planning and strategy projects. Kelly's education is in the arts. She received her B.A. in the history of art from Bryn Mawr College and completed her Ph.D. in art history and archaeology at Columbia University.

Also joining the staff of the GCI is Wilbur Faulk. Since 1993 Faulk has served as director of security for the Getty Trust. Prior to that, he was director of security at the Getty Museum in Malibu. In 1995 Faulk received the Smithsonian Institution's Robert Burke National Award for Cultural Protection Achievement—the highest award given in the United States for achievement in the protection of cultural property. Over the past five years, he has worked extensively with the GCI on security seminars at the St. Petersburg International Center for Preservation. Faulk will assist the GCI's efforts to further national and international cultural property protection initiatives, in part by continuing his involvement in St. Petersburg and his participation on the ICOM Security Committee. He will also continue working on a book on security issues in cultural institutions.

Marta de la Torre has assumed the directorship of the Information & Communications group. While overseeing this area of the GCI, which includes the Information Center and publications, she will continue to supervise the development of the UCLA/Getty master's program in archaeological and ethnographic conservation, the GCI's research on the economics of heritage conservation, and the work of the Latin American Consortium for Preventive Conservation. De la Torre came to the Institute in 1985 and has served as director of the GCI's training program and the Agora initiative.

Neville Agnew—since early 1998 the GCI's group director of Information & Communications—is now principal project specialist in the director's office. This new assignment will permit him more time to pursue project- and science-based work, including the China Principles project and the wall paintings conservation project at the Mogao grottoes. Agnew joined the Institute in 1987; since then, he has served in a variety of capacities, including scientific director, special projects director, and associate director for programs.