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Illicit Trade in Cultural Objects
It has been 28 years since the adoption by UNESCO of a convention designed to prohibit and prevent the illicit trade in cultural property. Fifteen years have passed since the United States become the 55th nation to join the convention—then the only major art-importing country to do so. How much progress has there been in the international effort to stem the pillage and illicit trade in cultural objects? The executive director of the U.S. president's Cultural Property Advisory Committee considers this question.

The Recovery of Antiquities: A Conversation with Engin Özgen
The former director general of monuments and museums in Turkey talks about what is being done—and what more needs to be done—to combat the illicit traffic in antiquities and to preserve the vast archaeological record found within his country's borders.

Fighting the Theft of Art
The rise in art theft over the last 10 years has mirrored the tremendous rise in art market prices. Today art theft is the third-most-lucrative international crime, after drugs and arms running. Is there a way to fight this latest threat to cultural heritage? An art historian with the London-based Art Loss Register describes how an internationally recognized computer database of stolen works of art can lead to the recovery of objects.

Partners in St. Petersburg: The Government of the Netherlands and the GCI
Responding to the need to protect cultural heritage in places undergoing radical change, the government of the Netherlands has joined the Getty Conservation Institute to initiate programs in conservation in St. Petersburg, Russia. One project is the creation of an information facility within the St. Petersburg International Center for Preservation which includes a specialized library, electronic links to information worldwide, and participation in an international computer database of stolen and missing works of art.

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