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This publication, with text in English and Spanish, contains images by nine youths from Mexico City who photographed what they considered to be landmarks of their city. The images, in combination with quotes from the photographers, evoke ideas that challenge readers' conventional notions of landmarks and, at the same time, invite readers to consider how they are affected by the communities in which they live. The book contains a selection of provocative, sometimes poignant, black-and-white prints culled from hundreds taken during the course of the project, along with short biographies and color images of each of the young photographers. This project was done in conjunction with La Vaca Independiente.

In 1993, the Getty Conservation Institute launched an international landmarks campaign with an exhibit of images by Los Angeles youths and an accompanying book on their city. The success of that project led to the landmarks campaign that the Institute is now undertaking internationally. Other participating cities are Cape Town, Mumbai (formerly Bombay), and Paris.