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The Getty Conservation Institute: Present and Future
It has been a year and a half since the Getty Conservation Institute moved into its permanent home at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. With the public opening of the Center, the programs of the Getty, including the GCI, begin a new phase in their development. Miguel Angel Corzo, the director of the Institute, discusses how the projects of the GCI grow out of three basic Institute activities: exploring new ideas, solving problems, and disseminating knowledge and information.

Chords Interwoven: A Conversation with Vice President Al Gore
The vice president of the United States, who has been a leader in environmental conservation, talks about the mission of the Getty Conservation Institute—conservation of the world's cultural heritage—and a range of interrelated global issues, such as the environment, emerging developments in communications technology, and education.

Conservation and the Programs of the Getty Trust
The GCI is a part of the Getty Trust, a multifaceted, international cultural institution with a range of programs designed to offer people opportunities to understand, study, enjoy, value, and preserve the world's cultural heritage. Conservation invited the director of each Getty program to contribute to this issue in order to give our readership a picture of the diverse work of the Getty, the importance of conservation in each program's mission, and the collaborative nature of the Getty as a whole.

New Projects of the Getty Conservation Institute
In 1996 the Getty Conservation Institute created a five-year strategic plan designed to guide the Institute's activities into the next century. Since the completion of its strategic plan, the Institute has been developing a series of new projects that specifically address the goals that the GCI has set for itself. In this section of the newsletter, we look briefly at each of those new projects.

GCI News
Updates on Getty Conservation Institute projects, events, publications, and staff. Also, a report on the change in leadership at the Getty Trust.

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