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The St. Petersburg International Center for Preservation
Founded by Czar Peter the Great in 1703, St. Petersburg has endured a turbulent history to become Russia's cultural capital, home to numerous museums, universities, libraries, and historic buildings. Unfortunately, this remarkably beautiful World Heritage city is now threatened by a lack of resources, complex preservation problems, and, in some cases, neglect. To help ensure the survival of the exceptional cultural wealth amassed in St. Petersburg over the course of three centuries, the Getty Conservation Institute has joined with the Russian Academy of Sciences and the city of St. Petersburg to establish the St. Petersburg International Center for Preservation.

The Right Place: A Conversation with Zhores Alferov
The Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences talks about St. Petersburg's scientific and cultural legacy, the difficulties for those working to preserve the city's historic treasures, and his hopes for the new International Center for Preservation.

The Security Challenge: Preserving Russia's Collections in Changing Times
Cultural institutions are among those most buffeted by rapid change in eastern Europe and Russia. Change has left the door open for opportunists, and increasing numbers of objects are being stolen and transported across borders, often to western Europe and North America. To assist those responsible for the care of some of Russia's most important collections, the first seminar sponsored by the newly established St. Petersburg International Center for Preservation was devoted to the subject of security.

Adapting Technology for Conservation
From a 3.6-million-year-old hominid trackway in Tanzania to Buddhist grottoes in China, modern technology is being used in innovative ways for conservation. Indeed, the sheer number of new and often ingenious products coming onto the market offers conservation a bonanza. However, such is the pace of development that few materials of the vast number generated undergo the rigorous screening necessary to ensure their appropriateness. An important part of the Getty Conservation Institute's agenda is testing and adapting the tools and materials of modern industry for use in the delicate task of preserving the past.

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