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The Great Murals: Conserving the Rock Art of Baja California
Deep in the mountains and precipitous canyons of the Sierra de San Francisco of the Baja California peninsula in northwest Mexico lies some of the world's most spectacular rock art. Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and today the destination of an increasing number of visitors, the rock art sites of Baja California remained little known for many years. In 1994 the GCI joined with Mexican authorities and the local community to initiate a pilot project at one of the sites and to create a management plan to preserve the region's spectacular rock art.

For the Record: A Conversation with Peter Dorman
The Field Director of the Epigraphic Survey of the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute talks about the Survey's seven decades of work recording reliefs and inscriptions on ancient Egyptian monuments endangered by the forces of nature.

Capturing the Past: Documentation and Conservation
Preserving a cultural resource is impossible without reliable information on its condition and without the ability to monitor change. These require good documentation. In addition to promoting the benefits of documentation, the GCI, through its own projects, is producing extensive information about the condition of cultural resources and the process of conservation—using everything from traditional research and recording techniques to the latest in technology.

A Strategic Plan for the Getty Conservation Institute
The Director of the GCI describes the development of a five-year plan for the Institute and what the new strategic plan means for the Institute's work in conservation.

The Getty Conservation Institute's New Home
The GCI's recent move to its permanent home at the Getty Center in Los Angeles marks an important change for its staff and visitors.

Travertine Stone at the Getty Center
Drawn from an Italian quarry once used by the ancient Romans, the travertine stone cladding the exterior walls of the Getty Center displays a rich geological history.

GCI News
Updates on Getty Conservation Institute projects, events, courses, publications, and staff.

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