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Introduction: A Note from the Director
This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Getty Conservation Institute's full emergence as an operating program of the J. Paul Getty Trust. The Director of the Institute, Miguel Angel Corzo, introduces this special issue of Conservation, The GCI Newsletter, which looks back at the Institute's first ten years and its efforts to preserve for future generations the treasures of our past.

The Getty Conservation Institute 1985-1995: A Retrospective
In the summer of 1985, a dozen employees and the newly installed first director of the Getty Conservation Institute took up quarters in rented warehouse space in a suburb of Los Angeles. It was the beginning of the GCI's full-fledged operation. Since that time the Institute has worked around the world, promoting the conservation of cultural property and seeking to increase public awareness of conservation's importance. This issue's feature article chronicles the planning behind the Institute; the growth of its scientific research, training, and documentation programs, and its special projects; and the evolution of the Institute's philosophy.

Opportunity and Responsibility: A Conversation with Harold Williams
Since his arrival at the Getty Trust in 1981, Harold M. Williams, the Trust's President and Chief Executive Officer, has guided its metamorphosis from being primarily a museum to an organization of international stature with seven different programs, including the Getty Conservation Institute. He talks about the origins, establishment, and development of the Institute, and reflects on the Trust's continuing commitment to the preservation of the cultural heritage.

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