New Director for Scientific Program

Alberto Tagle has been appointed Director of the GCI's Scientific Program. He will join the Institute on July 1, 1995.

Dr. Tagle is presently Professor of Advanced Conservation Science at the University of Pennsylvania and Museum Scientist at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware. Previously he taught at the University of Havana and served as Director of Investigations at the National Center for Conservation, Restoration and Museology. He received his Ph.D. in atomic spectroscopy from the Technische Hochschule at Leuna Merseburg in Germany, where he also did his undergraduate work. He has authored a number of publications and is the recipient of several awards.

Until July 1, David Scott will serve as Acting Director of the Scientific Program. He took up these duties on January 3, 1995. Dr. Scott has been with the GCI since 1987, serving as Head of Museum Services, which provides analytical and technical support to the conservation services of the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Dusan Stulik, who was serving as Acting Director of the Scientific Program, has returned to his post as Head of the Analytical Section.


New Director of Special Projects

Giora Solar has been appointed Special Projects Director at the GCI. Presently Director of the Conservation Section of the Israel Antiquities Authority, he has been site architect and conservator at the Citadel in Jerusalem and at a large number of sites in Israel.

Mr. Solar studied at the Faculties of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic and of the Technion in Haifa, where he obtained his degree in Architecture and Town Planning. An active member of a number of professional societies, he is now Secretary General of the ICOMOS International Training Committee. He has published in his field and taught at Tel Aviv University in the master's program in conservation. In recent years he has collaborated with the GCI on projects and participated in GCI Training Program courses in Israel and elsewhere.

Mr. Solar will gradually assume his responsibilities as Special Projects Director, and he will join the Institute full-time on December 1, 1995. Until then Martha Demas will continue to serve as Acting Director of Special Projects.


Special Assignment in Washington

During 1995 Jane Slate Siena, the GCI's Head of Institutional Relations, is on special assignment in Washington, D.C., where she is devoting her attention to the development of the St. Petersburg International Center for Preservation. The Institute is joining with the Russian Academy of Sciences and the city of St. Petersburg to create the Center, which will provide conservation expertise for the region and serve as a resource for those addressing the problems of deterioration of the city's cultural heritage.

The Center is incorporated in the United States, and Ms. Siena will be temporarily based in Washington to work closely with its founding chairman and board members, the U.S.-Russia Business Council, and a number of other organizations working on the Center's establishment.