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June 2010

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P R O J E C T S   A N D   A C T I V I T I E S

Middle Eastern Geodatabase for Antiquities (MEGA)-Jordan

In April the MEGA-Jordan project reached an important milestone. Eight colleagues from the Jordanian Department of Antiquities (DoA) came to the GCI for training as country-wide trainers on a new Web-based geographic information system to be implemented in Jordan in summer 2010. The system—designed and built to inventory and help monitor and manage archaeological sites and, subsequently, historic buildings—utilizes new technology and flexible, customizable open-source tools. It was created by the GCI in partnership with the World Monuments Fund and the DoA.

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MEGA-Jordan trainees
DoA and GCI staff at the Getty Center. Photo: Carol Hahn
Conservation of América Tropical

In a March 31 event organized by the Amigos de Siqueiros and the Mayor's Office of the City of Los Angeles, the project for the conservation, protection, and display of David Alfaro Siqueiros mural América Tropical was presented to interested stakeholders. The GCI provided an overview of the mural's conservation history to date. Plans for a protective shelter and viewing platform were presented by the architects, Pugh + Scarpa, and the concept for the interpretive center was presented by the exhibit design firm IQMagic.

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Viewing platform
Schematic design of the mural viewing platform. Image: Pugh + Scarpa Architects

P U B L I C A T I O N S   A N D   V I D E O

Conservation of Ancient Sites on the Silk Road
Mogao Grottoes

Proceedings from the Second International Conference on the Conservation of Grotto Sites

Edited by Neville Agnew

The Mogao Grottoes, a World Heritage Site near Dunhuang in western China, are located along the Silk Road. The sixty-five papers presented in this publication address the principles and practices of wall paintings conservation; site and visitor management; scientific research, particularly in the environmental and geotechnical aspects of conservation; and relevant historical and art historical research.

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The proceedings from the first symposium Conservation of Ancient Sites on the Silk Road—published in 1997 and now out of print—are available as a free PDF.

Access the free PDF online.

Conserving Outdoor Sculpture
Stark Collection at the Getty Center

The Stark Collection at the Getty Center

By Brian Considine, Julie Wolfe, Katrina Posner, and Michel Bouchard

When the J. Paul Getty Museum received twenty-eight sculptures created by a who's who of twentieth-century artists, it took on the responsibility for their preservation, interpretation, and long-term stewardship. In this publication, follow a group of conservators as they engage in new research in the evolving field of outdoor sculpture conservation and address key issues facing those charged with caring for works of art displayed outdoors.

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Issues in the Conservation of Photographs
Photo Conservation

Edited by Debra Hess Norris and Jennifer Jae Gutierrez

This volume is the first publication to chronicle the emergence and systematic development of photograph conservation as a profession. In seventy-two essential texts from the nineteenth century to the present day, this anthology collects key writings that have influenced both the philosophical and the practical aspects of conserving photographs.

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Conservation Perspectives: The GCI Newsletter
GCI Newsletter

Spring 2010

The theme of this edition of the GCI newsletter is collection research, examining how science and technology can be used to improve conservation practice and our understanding of cultural heritage.

Join the conversation. Post your comments about our featured roundtable discussion The Science in the Art: A Discussion about Collections Research.

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Video of Panel Discussion
Finishing Touches: Conserving Wall Paintings and Other Decorated Surfaces
Panel discussion

On April 14, 2010, Jeanne Marie Teutonico, associate director of programs at the Getty Conservation Institute, moderated a panel discussion that examined how decorated architectural surfaces can be preserved in a way that maintains their historic integrity and cultural significance.

Watch the video online.

Newly Acquired Titles
GCI Information Center

Recently acquired titles in the Conservation Collection in the Research Library at the Getty Research Institute are availalbe to readers on site at the Getty Center. Some materials are available through your library's interlibrary loan service.

Access this list of titles from the GCI Information Center page.

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