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December 2013

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P R O J E C T S   A N D   A C T I V I T I E S

Art in L.A.

Art in L.A. is a GCI study of materials and fabrication processes used by Los Angeles-based artists since the 1950s and the implications these materials and processes have for conservation. As part of this project, team members are engaging in conversation with artists (and/or their assistants or fabricators), including their thoughts on conservation. Videos are now available on some of these exchanges, with more to come.

Find out more about Art in L.A.

Watch video interviews with Larry Bell and De Wain Valentine.

Artist Larry Bell
Larry Bell weighing an amount of silicone monoxide, a compound he uses to coat his glass panels to modify their optical properties.
Heritage Inventory & Management System

The GCI and World Monuments Fund have just released Arches version 1.0, a user-friendly, open source information management software system built specifically to help heritage organizations safeguard cultural heritage sites worldwide.

Find out more at

Read the press release.

Learn more about Arches and the role of heritage inventories—one of the most critical tools for cultural heritage management—in the latest edition of Conservation Perspectives, The GCI Newsletter.

Arches demo page
Public Programs

Everyday Modernism in the California Landscape

This evening of lectures, followed by a panel discussion, focuses on conservation strategies for well-known icons of California Modernism, including works by Richard Neutra, Gregory Ain, Lawrence Halprin, Garret Eckbo and Moore, and Lyndon, Turnbull, Whitaker Partnership. This event is presented in conjunction with the GCI's Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative, which seeks to advance the practice of conserving twentieth-century heritage.

This event is free, but a reservation is required. Find out more and make a reservation online.

Sea Ranch
Condominium One, The Sea Ranch.
Icons in Plastic

By the mid-20th century, many artists and designers were choosing plastic to create their now iconic design objects—works that have become highly valued by collectors and museums. Unfortunately, plastic materials don't always have the long life span once imagined. Join GCI senior scientist Tom Learner as he leads a conversation with experts in the field who are grappling with issues related to the conservation of design objects made with plastic materials.

This event is free, but a reservation is required. Find out more and make a reservation online.

Patrick Jouin chair
Patrick Jouin, Solid C2, 2004, Die Neue Sammlung - The International Design Museum Munich
Photo: Die Neue Sammlung - The International Design Museum Munich (A. Laurenzo)

P U B L I C A T I O N S   A N D   V I D E O

Symposium Papers
The Siqueiros Legacy: Challenges of Conserving the Artist's Monumental Murals
America Tropical mural

Selected papers from a two-day symposium held in October 2012 on the conservation, transportation, installation, and presentation of the most important murals in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Southern California by Siqueiros are now available. The symposium was one of several events celebrating the re-opening to the public of the artist's mural América Tropical on the eightieth anniversary of its creation.

Access the symposium papers online.

Watch videos of all the symposium presentations.

The Lumière Autochrome
History, Technology, and Preservation
GCI publication

Bertrand Lavédrine and Jean-Paul Gandolfo, with the collaboration of Christine Caperdou and Ronan Guinée

This publication examines the technology of the autochrome, including the technical challenges of plate fabrication, described in step-by-step detail, and a thorough account of autochrome manufacture. The final chapter provides in-depth recommendations concerning the preservation of these vulnerable objects, including proper storage and display guidelines.

Find out more and purchase this publication online.

Now Available in PDF

Lessons Learned: Reflecting on the Theory and Practice of Mosaic Conservation

Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics, 2005

Edited by Aïcha Ben Abed, Martha Demas, and Thomas Roby


Of the Past, for the Future: Integrating Archaeology and Conservation

Proceedings of the Conservation Theme at the World Archaeolgical Congress, June 2003

Edited by Neville Agnew and Janet Bridgland

Project Bibliographies
CMAI Bibliography

Conserving Twentieth-Century Built Heritage: A Bibliography

Second Edition

Edited by Susan Macdonald and Gail Ostergren

Tut Bibliograpy

The Conservation and Management of the Tomb of Tutankhamen (KV62) A Project Bibliography

Edited by Lori Wong

The Villa Savoye: A Manifesto for Modernity

In a GCI public lecture, Pierre-Antoine Gatier, architecte en chef de Monuments Historiques, France, discusses the conservation management plan for this Le Corbusier-built house and its site—one of the most recognizable and renowned examples of International Style.

Watch the video online.

Newly Acquired Titles
GCI Info Center

Recently acquired titles in the Conservation Collection in the Research Library at the Getty Research Institute are available to readers on site at the Getty Center. Some materials are available through the library's interlibrary loan service.

Access the list of recently acquired titles from the GCI Information Center page.

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