Shelter Design for the Protection of Mosaics at an Archaeological Site in Cyprus

The Project
Getty Conservation Institute invites Expressions of Interest from architects and architectural practices, individually or in collaboration, interested in working with the Getty and the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus in the role of design architect(s) for a new shelter concept at the World Heritage Site of Nea Paphos.

Building on Getty’s collaborative MOSAIKON initiative, the goal of this project is to design a shelter that well protects highly significant mosaic pavements, as well as provides opportunities for visitor appreciation of ancient mosaic floors at a renowned archaeological site. Steadily growing in popularity, the project site is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year. This visitation needs to be balanced with the primary objective of the shelter, which is to protect the floor mosaics from environmental and other risks that negatively impact its condition and lead to deterioration and loss over time.

The future shelter will be required to function in a maritime context with fluctuating climatic conditions. This environmental context intensifies the physical vulnerability of the cultural resources. The form and aesthetics of the future design will have to respect, and respond to, the unique natural and cultural setting of the site.

The first area of focus will be approximately 900 square meters in size and will contain two important mosaics as well as remains of a Roman bath complex and low masonry rubble walls. A second area is under consideration for sheltering in this phase, which may range in size from approximately 350 to 1800 square meters and includes several mosaic pavements and masonry walls.

It is important to note that this/these shelter(s) is/are intended to serve as an initial prototype for a much larger area of the site with mosaics. If determined that the design achieves the project’s objectives, there may be opportunity to adapt the design to these areas of the site.

The proposed shelter design should demonstrate conceptual and design excellence and innovative, yet practical, responses to the conditions, as well as consideration of the long-term maintenance needs of the structure. A group of international experts recently collaborated to develop performance and design criteria for sheltering fragile mosaic floors in challenging environments. These criteria will inform the development of this shelter concept.

Complete details including project program, scope of work, submission requirements, eligibility, evaluation criteria, and selection process can be found in the document:

Call for Expression of Interest (PDF, 8.5 x 11")

Call for Expression of Interest (PDF, A4)

Submissions must be made by email and received by Getty Senior Project Coordinator Micaela Shea ( by Midnight (Pacific Standard Time) on January 20, 2020.