Asian Organic Colorants (2006-2010)

Project Partners
Getty Conservation Institute
Dunhuang Academy

Team Members

Cecily Grzywacz
Michael Schilling
Lorinda Wong
Neville Agnew
Po-Ming Lin
Jan Wouters, consultant & conservation scientist, Belgium

Dunhuang Academy
Su Bomin
Fan Yuquan

Additional project assistance provided by:

Valerie Greathouse
Herant Khanjian
Joy Mazurek
Teresa Negrucci
Annette Pedrosian
Thomas Shreves

J. Paul Getty Museum Preparations Department
Bruce Metro
Rita Gomez
Cary Stehle

Courtauld Institute of Art, Conservation of Wall Painting Department, University of London
Lisa Shekede
Sharon Cather
Stephen Rickerby
Charlotte Martin
Sibylla Tringham
Giovanni Verri

Huntington Botanical Gardens
Kathy Musial
Katarina Eriksson

Page updated: January 2011


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