3.8 Study for Seismic Strengthening, Conservation, and Restoration of Churches Dating from the Byzantine Period (Ninth to Fourteenth Century) in Macedonia

Predag Gavrilovic
Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology,
University "Kiril and Methodji"-Skopje, Yugoslavia
Lazar Sumanov
Republic Institute of Protection of Cultural Monuments-Skopje, Yugoslavia
William S. Ginell
The Getty Conservation Institute
Period of Activity: Current Research

*Joint project with the Director's Office, GCI

Project Abstract
This project has evolved out of a draft program that was presented and discussed at the meeting on "Repair and Strengthening of Historic Monuments in Earthquake-Prone Regions, " held at the Getty Conservation Institute, February 12—13, 1990. Thirteen experts from the United States, Europe, and Yugoslavia participated in this meeting.

The program anticipates development of a methodology for repair, strengthening, conservation, and restoration of churches from the Byzantine period in the Republic of Macedonia. It is anticipated to require three years.

Primary Publications
Gavrilovic, P., and L. Sumanov, "Aseismic Strengthening, Conservation and Restoration of Churches Dating from the Byzantine Period (9?14th Century) in Macedonia," Final Report to the Getty Conservation Institute for Phase i (first year of the project), six volumes, 1991.

ABSTRACT-The results of the first research phase are presented in Volume 1 through Volume 6. In Volume 1-"Study of Architectural and Structural Systems and Strengthening of the Monuments " the summarized results obtained by investigating the architectural and structural typology of the buildings as well as the environmental conditions are presented. Volume 2 through Volume 6-"Existing States of the Monuments"-present the results obtained based on data on the present state of the fifty (50) remaining structures.