Mosaics in Museums and Storage

The third focus of activities is mosaics that have been lifted from archaeological sites and now form part of museum collections. The Mediterranean region possesses an extraordinary number of lifted mosaics that are either on display or in storage at various national, regional, and site museums. In many cases, the mosaics in storage are in extremely fragile condition due to unsatisfactory lifting and relaying techniques, lack of any backing, poor storage conditions, and too few trained personnel. This situation will be addressed through three main activities:

mosaic pavements in a museum mosaic pavements
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Pilot projects and training of museum personnel in methods for inventory, condition survey, and risk assessment for collections of lifted mosaics in storage
Priority will be given to collections considered most at risk, as identified by national authorities and the project partners.

The first educational activity will be Saving the Mosaics in Museums of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, which will take place October 10-28, 2010 in Damascus, Syria. For more information about this course please visit the ICCROM Web site.

Lead partner: ICCROM

Investigation of alternative re-backing and backing methods and materials
An applied research program is being designed to develop alternative approaches to the re-backing and backing of lifted mosaics that employ locally available and inexpensive materials.

Lead partner: The Getty Conservation Institute

Technician training in the treatment, support, and subsequent care of lifted mosaics in museums
A workshop for technicians responsible for the care of lifted mosaics in museums will begin in late 2010 in Damascus, Syria. This course will run for a period of two years, with two six-month long modules.

Lead partner: The Getty Foundation

Last updated: August 2010