Strengthening the Professional Network and Information Exchange

The International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM) is the leading professional organization dedicated to the conservation of archaeological mosaics. Established in 1977, the ICCM has brought the conservation of mosaics to the attention of a wider audience of art historians, archaeologists, conservators, and other scholars. It also has contributed significantly to the quality and quantity of literature produced on mosaic conservation, which has included the proceedings of its own conferences. In addition to its publications, the ICCM serves as the principal forum for the exchange of information regarding mosaics conservation through its network of professionals and an expanding Web site.

However, for many years, the ICCM has been run as a largely volunteer organization without a reliable funding base or administrative infrastructure. As one of its first activities, MOSAIKON will work to strengthen the ICCM by securing funding and expertise to: 1) provide administrative assistance to the president of the ICCM; 2) improve and update the ICCM Web site; and 3) ensure the regular publication of a newsletter.

Lead partners: ICCM and the Getty Foundation.

Last updated: August 2010