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Workshop 2018: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Conservation Science Laboratory
Center for Conservation & Restoration of Cultural Properties
Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais

October 22 to 26, 2018

Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces 2018 Brazil (CAPS 2018 Brazil) is part of an ongoing series of GCI workshops that aim to directly engage conservators with the current research on identifying a broader range of cleaning systems and methodologies for acrylic painted surfaces.


The workshop will include lectures presenting new research, technology, and practical advances, much of which has been developed by the course instructors themselves. There will also be a significant amount of hands-on activity designed to apply and test the different approaches.

Participants will be provided with commercially available and custom-prepared cleaning materials for testing on paint films. Group discussions will be used to evaluate materials, techniques, applicability and effectiveness.

Workshop Objectives

communicate results of recent scientific research and new developments in conservation practice

communicate results of recent scientific research and new developments in conservation practice

stimulate a dialogue between researchers and conservators about the application of new research and technical insights to the conservation of acrylic painted surfaces

develop critical thinking skills that will help participants design project-specific cleaning systems in their own labs

identify areas where further research is needed


Dr. Tom Learner, Head of Science, Getty Conservation Institute
Dr. Bronwyn Ormsby, Principal Conservation Scientist, Tate
Chris Stavroudis, conservator in private practice, Los Angeles

Assistant Instructor

Alexia Soldano, conservator in private practice, Paris

The CAPS 2018 Brazil Workshop is part of the Research into Practice Initiative and builds upon an earlier colloquium and series of workshops.


The Conservation Science Laboratory (LACICOR) is a research, training, and services laboratory based at the Center for Conservation of Cultural Heritage (CECOR), at the School of The Fine Arts of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. CECOR houses the first Brazilian undergraduate training course in Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Properties and contributes to the field of cultural heritage conservation through its integration and collaboration with preservation institutions and initiatives throughout Brazil and internationally.

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