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March 23–June 20, 2010 at the Getty Center

Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Sculpture

Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Sculpture
Gary M. Radke
With contributions by Martin J. Kemp, Pietro C. Marani, Andrea Bernardoni, Darin Stine, Philippe Sènèchal, and Tommaso Mozzati

Leonardo da Vinci is renowned as a painter, designer, draftsman, architect, engineer, scientist, and theorist. His work as a sculptor is not commonly acknowledged, and many have argued that Leonardo believed that sculpture was an inferior art form ("of lesser genius than painting"). Challenging and overturning these assumptions, Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Sculpture looks at the sculptural projects that the artist undertook, as well as the late Renaissance sculptures that were indebted to him. (Cloth: $50.00; paper: $35.00)

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Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Man

Leonardo da Vinci
The Mechanics of Man

Martin Clayton and Ron Philo

This fascinating volume examines a collection of anatomical drawings by Da Vinci and includes translations of his meticulous notes and commentary on the accuracy of the renderings. (Hardcover, $29.95)

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