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Saint Sebastian Tended by an Angel

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Saint Sebastian Tended by an Angel


Anthony van Dyck (Flemish, 1599 - 1641)




about 1630–1632


Oil on panel

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41 × 30.5 cm (16 1/8 × 12 in.)

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Object Description

Near death after being tied to a tree and shot through with arrows, Saint Sebastian barely notices the angel helping to remove them. Anthony van Dyck painted the subject of Saint Sebastian many times, choosing various moments in the saint's story but never focusing on the one thing that most other artists emphasized: the saint's flesh punctured with arrows. Van Dyck's goal was to explore the subject's emotional possibilities, rather than the physical wounds. In this scene, the naked and defenseless Saint Sebastian is so consumed by suffering that he is practically unaware of the angel's assistance.

Using a monochromatic grisaille technique and thin paint, Van Dyck rapidly sketched in his composition, exploring the effect of light and shadow on Christ's torso and the angel's body. He painted this oil sketch in preparation for a painting that was probably never completed or is now lost. It combines the freshness, immediacy, and fluency of a drawing with the monumentality of a large painting. These qualities characterize the Flemish oil sketch, which Peter Paul Rubens first developed as an alternative to drawing and which Van Dyck, his most gifted pupil, soon adopted.

- 1761

Gaspard d'Heyne [Heyne sale, de Goesin, Ghent, October 26, 1761.]

- 1808

Private Collection (or Private Dealer) (London, England), sold to Abraham Hume, 1808.

1808 - 1838

Sir Abraham Hume, second Bart., 1749 - 1838 (London, England; Wormley Bury, Hertford, England), by inheritance to his granddaughter, Sophia Frances Cust Tower, 1838.

1838 - 1882

Lady Sophia Frances Cust Tower, died 1882 (Weald Hall, Essex, England), by inheritance to Brownlow Richard Christopher Tower, 1882.

1882 - 1932

Capt. Brownlow Richard Christopher Tower, died May 18, 1932 (Ellesmere House, Shropshire, England), by inheritance to Geoffrey Egerton Tower, 1932.

1932 - 1947

Capt. Geoffrey Egerton Tower, 1891 - 1949 (Hawthorne House, Ellesmere, Shropshire, England) [sold, Tower sale, Sotheby's, London, December 17, 1947, lot 49, to Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd.]

1947 - 1948

Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd. (London, England), sold to Kenneth McKenzie Clark, 1948.

1948 - 1983

Lord Kenneth McKenzie Clark, British, 1903 - 1983 (Saltwood Castle, Kent, England), upon his death, held in trust by the estate.

1983 - 1984

Estate of Lord Kenneth McKenzie Clark, British, 1903 - 1983 [sold, Clark sale, Sotheby's, London, June 27, 1984, lot 188, to the Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd.]

1984 - 1985

Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd., sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1985.

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