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A Jeu de Paume Before a Country Palace

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A Jeu de Paume Before a Country Palace


Adriaen van de Venne (Dutch, 1589 - 1662)




about 1614


Oil on panel

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16.5 × 22.9 cm (6 1/2 × 9 in.)

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Object Description

Adriaen van de Venne captured the idle pleasures of courtship and leisure in this small painting. Lining a wide lane, an assortment of people watch a game of ball. To the left, a formal garden with flowers and sculptures is laid out in front of a large fantasy castle. In the left foreground, two lovers sit in shadow near an overturned lute and a pile of clothing discarded by the ballplayers. On the right is an enclosed forest area with goats and deer.

This painting and its companion, Merry Company in an Arbor, were part of a series of four landscapes representing the seasons. This painting probably represents summer. Both paintings have a miniature and jewel-like quality, with similar colorful scenes of tiny, anecdotal figures out in the open.

- possibly 1687

Possibly Constantijn Huygens, heer van Zuilichem, 1596 - 1687 (The Hague, The Netherlands; Hofwijck, Voorburg, The Netherlands), possibly by inheritance to his only daughter, Susanna Huygens-Doublet.
Source: Van Suchtelen 1990, p.102-3.

possibly 1687 - 1725

Susanna Huygens-Doublet, vrouwe van Sint-Annaland, 1637 - 1725 (Sint-Annaland, Tholen, The Netherlands), upon her death, held in trust by the estate.


Estate of Susanna Huygens-Doublet, vrouwe van Sint-Annaland, 1637 - 1725 [sold, Vrouwe van Sint-Annaland sale, The Hague, November 6, 1725, lots 3-6, which included 83.PB.364.2.]
Note: as manner of Brueghel [J. Brueghel the Elder]

- 1854

Ralph Bernal, 1783 - 1854 (London, England) [sold, Bernal sale, Christie's, London, March 10, 1855, lot 616 (with 83.PB.364.1), possibly to W. Lea.]
Note: as Brueghel

1855 -

Possibly W. Lea, Esq.
Source: Bohn 1857, p. 47.

1889 - before 1918

Henry Lee [unsold, Lee sale, Christie's, London, March 1, 1889, lot 40, and thereafter probably by inheritance to Frederick Lee.]
Note: as Brueghel

- 1918

Frederick Lee [sold, British Red Cross Society sale, Christie's, London, April 20, 1918 lot 1911 (with 83.PB.364.1) to Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd., for 480 gns.]
Source: Getty Research Institute (GRI), annotated sale catalogue, Christie's, April 20, 1918.


Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd. (London, England), sold to Frank Partridge & Sons, Ltd., 1918 (Agnew stockbooks, nos. 5154-5155).
Source: GRI, Agnew stockbook microfiche, nos. 5154-5155.

1918 -

Frank Partridge & Sons, Ltd., founded 1902 (London, England)

- 1932

Sir John Frecheville Ramsden, 6th Bart., 1877 - 1958 (Bulstrode Park, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, England) [sold, Ramsden sale, Christie's, London, May 27, 1932, lot 46, to Machonachie for 95 gns.]
Source: GRI, annotated sale catalogue, Christie's, May 27, 1932.
Note: as Brueghel

- 1979

Private Collection [sold, Christie's, London, March 30, 1979, lot 9, to John Hoogsteder, Ltd.]

1979 - 1983

Hoogsteder/Naumann, Ltd. (The Hague, The Netherlands; New York, New York), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1983.

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