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The Convalescent

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The Convalescent


Edgar Degas (French, 1834 - 1917)




about 1872–January 1887


Oil on canvas

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65.7 × 49.8 cm (25 7/8 × 19 5/8 in.)

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Object Description

Although the identity of the sitter in this portrait is a mystery, Edgar Degas conveyed her character by capturing the overwhelming sorrow to which she has succumbed. Posed with her head tilted and leaning against the back of her left hand, she appears weary. Her languorous expression and red-rimmed eyes, together with the limp right arm hanging at her side, suggest a physical or emotional malady, though nothing in the painting confirms the cause of her affliction. Hidden beneath a brown robe and full white gown, her pose is ambiguous; it is unclear if she sits, stands, or leans. The Convalescent attests to Degas's interest in the world of women--their physical characteristics and surroundings, and their complex emotional and psychological conditions.

Unlike traditional nineteenth-century portraits, which were commissioned and usually left the artist's studio upon completion, this depiction of an unidentified woman remained in Degas's studio for at least fifteen years. The painting is unconventional in other ways as well; The Convalescent is more psychologically suggestive and spatially ambiguous than typical portraits of the time, such as Franz Xaver Winterhalter's official portrait, Leonilla, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn. Degas's thick, unblended brushstrokes and flattened space bring the figure forward, conveying informality and intimacy.

about 1872 - 1887

Edgar Degas (L.657, L.658, L.658bis), French, 1834 - 1917 (Paris, France), sold to Durand-Ruel & Cie, Paris, 1887.

1887 - 1888

Galerie Durand-Ruel (Paris) (Paris, France), sold to Henry Lerolle, 1888.

1888 - 1929

Henry Lerolle, French, 1848 - 1929 (Paris, France), by inheritance to his wife, Madeleine (Escudier) Lerolle, 1929.

1929 - 1937

Madeleine (Escudier) Lerolle, French, 1856 - 1937 (Paris, France), probably by inheritance to her son, Guillaume Lerolle, 1937.


Probably Guillaume Lerolle, French, 1884 - 1954
Source: Archives of American Art, Jacques Seligmann & Co. records, Collectors: Lerolle, Guillaume, box 192, folder 37, p. 6, 'Inventoire de la Collection Lerolle'.

- 1954

Captain Edward Molyneux, 1891 - 1974 (Paris, France), sold to M. Knoedler & Co. and Pinakos Inc., 1954.
Source: GRI, M. Knoedler & Co. records, stock book 10, p. 132, no. 5756.

1954 - 1958

M. Knoedler & Co. (New York), founded 1846, dissolved 2011 (New York, New York) and Pinakos Inc., sold to John L. Loeb, January 2, 1958.
Source: GRI, M. Knoedler & Co. records, sales book 17, p. 361, no. A-5756; box 148 (sold alphabetical artists, 1907-1973), card for Degas, "Port. of Desiree Musson."

1958 - 1996

John L. Loeb, 1902 - 1996 (New York, New York), by inheritance to his son, John L. Loeb, Jr., 1996.

1996 - 2002

John L. Loeb, Jr., born 1930 (New York, New York), sold through Gagosian Gallery (New York, New York) to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 2002.

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