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Llangattock Hours

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Llangattock Hours


Willem Vrelant (Flemish, died 1481, active 1454 - 1481)

Master of the Llangattock Hours (Flemish, active about 1450 - 1460)

Master of the Llangattock Epiphany (Flemish, active about 1450 - 1460)

Master of Wauquelin's Alexander or workshop (Flemish, active about 1440 - 1460)

and Workshop of the Master of Jean Chevrot (Flemish, active about 1440 - 1450)




Ghent (bound), Belgium; Bruges (illuminated), Belgium (Place Created)




Tempera colors, gold leaf, gold paint, and ink

Object Number:

Ms. Ludwig IX 7 (83.ML.103)


Leaf: 26.4 × 18.4 cm (10 3/8 × 7 1/4 in.)

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Object Description

This finely illustrated book of hours takes its name from the Baron Llangattock, who owned the book in the 1900s. The manuscript is of particular interest because a number of its miniatures are closely related to compositions by the celebrated panel painter Jan van Eyck. The influence of van Eyck's style is most clearly seen in the manuscript's fourteen full-page miniatures. A full-page miniature opens each of the book's major texts, with eight devoted to the Hours of the Virgin, the most important section of a book of hours. The suffrages, or prayers addressed to individual saints, are illustrated with a series of historiated initials.

A number of artists participated in illuminating the manuscript, and in at least one example two illuminators collaborated on a single miniature, which required a high level of coordination. The anonymous artists known as the Master of the Llangattock Hours and the Master of the Llangattock Epiphany are both named for their work in this manuscript.

circa 1450

Lievin Stuvaert, Dutch,
Source: Inscribed on inside front cover fifteenth century hand:"Stuvart Lieuin me lya ainsin A gand." (Inside upper cover: Lievin Stuvaert, Ghent, circa 1450)

- 1916

John Maclean Rolls, 2nd Baron Llangattock, British, 1870 - 1916, Inherited by his sister, Eleanor Georgiana Shelley-Rolls, 1916.

1916 - 1958

Eleanor Georgiana Shelley-Rolls, British, 1872 - 1961 [sold, Christie, Manson and Woods, Ltd, London, December 8, 1958, lot 191, to H.P. Kraus.]

1958 -

Hans P. Kraus, Sr., American, born Austria, 1907 - 1988


Dr. Peter Ludwig, German, 1925 - 1996 and Irene Ludwig, German, 1927 - 2010, sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1983.

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