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Attic Black-Figure Eye Cup

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Attic Black-Figure Eye Cup


Attributed to the Painter of the Villa Giulia 63613 (Greek, active about 530 - 510 B.C.)

Signed by Nikosthenes (Greek (Attic), active Athens, Greece 540 - 510 B.C.)


Greek (Attic)


Athens, Greece (Place Created)


about 530 B.C.



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11.4 × 34.4 cm (4 1/2 × 13 1/2 in.)

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Object Description

A pair of large eyes frames busts of the hero Herakles and his patron goddess Athena on one side of this black-figure cup. In the 500s B.C., Greek vase-painters frequently placed eyes on cups, perhaps because they were believed to be apotropaic--that is, they had the power to ward off evil -- or so that the cup would be transformed into a mask when a drinker raised it to his lips . Above the left eyebrow runs the signature of the potter Nikosthenes.

The other side of the cup has a similar scene with three busts, two female and one male. The female figure in the middle was once painted white and wears a type of headdress called a polos, typical of Greek goddesses. These busts, however, are harder to identify than those on the front of the cup. Some scholars identify them as Zeus, Hebe, and Hera, suggesting that the subject of the cup as a whole would be the apotheosis of Herakles, his introduction on Mount Olympus as a god. Others, however, interpret the heads as Hades, Persephone, and Demeter and the cup's theme as Herakles' introduction into the Eleusinian Mysteries, a cult that promised a better afterlife to its followers.


Private Dealer (Rome, Italy)

by 1960 - 1961

Private Collection [sold, Auktion 22: Kunstwerke der Antike, Munzen und Medaillen, Basel, May 13, 1961, lot 133, to Walter and Molly Bareiss.]

1961 - 1983

Walter Bareiss, American, born Germany, 1919 - 2007 and Molly Bareiss, American, 1920 - 2006 (Stamford, Connecticut), distributed to the Mary S. Bareiss 1983 Trust, 1983.

1983 - 1986

Mary S. Bareiss 1983 Trust, sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1986.

Meisterwerke Griechischer Kunst (June 18 to September 13, 1960)
  • Kunsthalle Basel, June 18 to September 13, 1960
Weltkunst aus Privatbesitz (May 18 to August 4, 1968)
  • Kunsthalle Köln (Cologne), May 18 to August 4, 1968
Greek Vases and Modern Drawings from the Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bareiss (June 13 to October 5, 1969)
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), June 13 to October 5, 1969

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