Pietro Paolini

Dates(Lucchese), 1603 - 1681
BornLucca, Italy
DiedLucca, Italy

Indirectly, Pietro Paolini's artistic style was heavily influenced by Caravaggio. First, his father sent him from his home in Tuscany to study in Rome with an Italian follower of Caravaggio. While there, young Paolini was also influenced by the northern European followers of another Italian imitator of Caravaggio. Though undated, the style of the Getty Museum's Paolini painting locates it in this early period of his development.

In about 1628 Paolini went to Venice, where he stayed for two years and absorbed Venetian artists' use of color. Three years later he returned to his native Lucca, where he created an original style based on his experiences in Rome and Venice. In addition to painting cabinet pictures, often on musical or allegorical themes, Paolini introduced Lucca to still life painting, with great success. About 1650 he opened an academy based on the principle of "art from nature." He and his popular school trained many artists.