Nicolas Mignard (Mignard d'Avignon)

Dates1606 - 1668
BornTroyes, France
DiedParis, France

After studying painting with a local master in Troyes, France, Nicholas Mignard traveled to Fontainebleau to copy the chateau's Mannerist frescoes, which influenced his early paintings. He painted his first recorded work in a Provence convent in 1633. Two years later, he traveled to Rome with the Cardinal Archbishop of Lyon. There for another two years, Mignard probably stayed at the Palazzo Farnese, for he later executed a series of etchings based on Annibale Carracci's frescoes there. Upon his return to Avignon, he continued to paint altarpieces for religious houses and churches.

In 1660 the French court visited Avignon, and Mignard was commissioned to paint portraits of various courtiers. King Louis XIV soon brought him to Paris, where he continued with great success as a portrait painter. Mignard also decorated a room in one of the royal palaces. He was accepted by the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture and became a professor there.