ringl + pit [Ellen Auerbach and Grete Stern]

Datesactive Berlin, Germany 1930 - 1940

Ellen Auerbach and Grete Stern met as private students of Bauhaus professor Walter Peterhans. Stern took over Peterhans's studio in 1929, and the following year Stern and Auerbach formed the studio foto ringl + pit. "Ringl" and "Pit" were their respective childhood nicknames.

"I frivoled and she was serious," Auerbach recalled of their personalities in the partnership. ringl + pit specialized in advertising photography, and their photographs redefined the image of women in advertising. Their work came to define the "new women" that emerged in the 1910s and 20s, as women gained the right to vote and entered the work force in increasing numbers. Their partnership ended when they both emigrated in 1933. They attempted briefly to reunite in 1935 in London, but Auerbach was denied a work permit.