T. Lux Feininger

Datesborn Germany 1910 - 2011
BornBerlin, Germany

T. Lux Feininger was born in Berlin and spent his early years in Germany. He studied art at the Bauhaus School in Berlin under, among others, László Moholy Nagy and Oskar Schlemmer, yet he was unable to study photography there because it was not taught until 1929. Feininger learned it nevertheless, and in 1927 he went to work for the Berlin photo agency DEPHOT. Two years later he participated in the groundbreaking Film und Foto Stuttgart 1929 exhibition.

Feininger began to paint in the early 1930s; after three years of living in Paris, he relocated to New York in 1937, leaving behind the majority of his negatives, which he never recovered. He did not make photographs again until after World War II and then only for his own use and enjoyment. After 1953 Feininger stopped making photographs altogether. He turned his full energies to painting and teaching, first in New York and later in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He retired from teaching in 1975, but he continues to paint and exhibit his work.