Marc Ferrez

Dates1843 - 1923
BornRio de Janiero, Brazil

Marc Ferrez was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, into a family of artists that originally hailed from France. After being educated in Paris, he returned to Brazil, where he began to photograph the urban landscape of Rio de Janeiro in the 1860s. He established his own studio in 1865 specializing in landscape photography. Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil, himself an amateur photographer and one of the wealthiest men in the 1800s, gave Ferrez money to photograph, which allowed him to flourish artistically.

Eight years after Ferrez established a studio in Rio de Janeiro, a fire destroyed it. He traveled to France, purchased a new camera, and upon his return to Brazil began to focus on rural landscapes and images of slaves working on plantations. He joined an expedition of the Brazilian Geological Commission and became a master of the panoramic photograph, using a camera capable of taking a 180-degree view. He reestablished a studio, taught photography, and operated a photographic supply house.

Throughout the 1870s and 1880s, Ferrez exhibited his photographs in the United States and Europe. In the latter decade he began to photograph architecture and street scenes and in 1907 opened the Pathé Cinema in Rio de Janeiro.