Niccolo' di ser Sozzo Tegliacci

Dates(Sienese), active about 1350 - 1363

Niccolò di ser Sozzo Tegliacci was probably the son of a notary or an obscure Sienese illuminator. Little is known about his life: in 1348 he was in debt to the city of Siena, and in 1363 he was mentioned in Siena's Libro delle Arti (Book of the Arts).

Tegliacci painted illuminations and panel paintings. One of his earliest works displays his characteristic style: minute decorative details, fluid forms, and subtle, harmonious chromatic effects obtained by interspersing his predominant pale blues and pinks with red and green. Niccolò's early illuminations combined Sienese refinement with Florentine concern for modeling and weight.

Tegliacci's panel-painting style was more conservative than that of his miniature painting. Both he and his collaborator Luca di Tommè signed his only dated panel, a polyptych from 1362. The polyptych exemplifies his late manner, with its more sinuous forms and large areas of rich patterning worked in gold, derived from Simone Martini's art.