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1.   Hierarchy of Bacher, Otto Henry Bacher, Otto Henry
(American painter, etcher, and illustrator, 1856-1909) [500027140] (Persons, Artists)
Bacher, Otto
Bacher, Otto H.
Otto H. Bacher
Otto Henry Bacher
2.   Hierarchy of Bacon, Peggy Bacon, Peggy
(American painter, printmaker, and author, 1895-1987) [500024574] (Persons, Artists)
Bacon, Margaret
Bacon, Margaret Frances
Bacon, Peggy.
Bacon, Peggy Brook
Bacon, Peggy Frances
Brook, Margaret Frances Bacon
Brook, Peggy Bacon
Peggy Bacon
Peggy Brook Bacon
3.   Hierarchy of Bailey, Henry Turner Bailey, Henry Turner
(American painter, illustrator, and educator, 1865-1931) [500235825] (Persons, Artists)
Henry Turner Bailey
4.   Hierarchy of Bailey, Vernon Howe Bailey, Vernon Howe
(American illustrator and draftsman, 1874-1953) [500041858] (Persons, Artists)
Vernon Howe Bailey
5.   Hierarchy of Bains, Ethel Franklin Betts Bains, Ethel Franklin Betts
(American painter, illustrator, active ca.1909-1922) [500105019] (Persons, Artists)
Ethel Franklin Betts Bains
6.   Hierarchy of Baker, Ernest Hamlin Baker, Ernest Hamlin
(American iluustrator, 1889-1975) [500116873] (Persons, Artists)
Ernest Hamlin Baker
7.   Hierarchy of Baker, Lamar Baker, Lamar
(American painter 1908-) [500042501] (Persons, Artists)
Lamar Baker
8.   Hierarchy of Bakewell, Robert Bakewell, Robert
(English draftsman and illustrator, 1790-after 1850, active in the United States) [500006534] (Persons, Artists)
Bakewell, Robert, Jr.
Robert Bakewell
9.   Hierarchy of Baldridge, Cyrus Leroy Baldridge, Cyrus Leroy
(American painter, designer, and illustrator, 1899-1975) [500090858] (Persons, Artists)
Baldridge, C. Leroy
C. Leroy Baldridge
Cyrus Leroy Baldridge
10.   Hierarchy of Balet, Jan Balet, Jan
(American illustrator, born 1913) [500019894] (Persons, Artists)
Balet, Jan B.
Jan Balet
11.   Hierarchy of Ballinger, Harry Russell Ballinger, Harry Russell
(American painter, 1892-1993) [500042562] (Persons, Artists)
Ballinger, Harry
Ballinger, Harry Russel
Harry Russell Ballinger
12.   Hierarchy of Ballinger, Maxil Ballinger, Maxil
(American graphic artist and painter, 1914-1958) [500465888] (Persons, Artists)
Ballinger, R. Maxil
Maxil Ballinger
R. Maxil Ballinger
13.   Hierarchy of Bama, James E. Bama, James E.
(American painter, engraver, and illustrator, born 1926) [500027849] (Persons, Artists)
Bama, James
Bama, James Elliott
James E. Bama
James Elliott Bama
14.   Hierarchy of Baranceanu, Belle Baranceanu, Belle
(American painter, engraver, and illustrator, 1902-1988) [500335852] (Persons, Artists)
Baranceanu, Belle Goldschlager
Belle Baranceanu
Belle Goldschlager Baranceanu
15.   Hierarchy of Barber, John Barber, John
(American painter, illustrator, 1898-1965) [500014037] (Persons, Artists)
John Barber
16.   Hierarchy of Barnard, William S. Barnard, William S.
(American engraver, born ca. 1809) [500073038] (Persons, Artists)
William S. Barnard
17.   Hierarchy of Barney, Maginel Wright Barney, Maginel Wright
(American illustrator, 1881-1966) [500116874] (Persons, Artists)
Maginel Wright Barney
18.   Hierarchy of Barratt, Watson Barratt, Watson
(American illustrator and designer, 1884-1962) [500124851] (Persons, Artists)
Barratt, George W.
Barratt, George Watson
George W. Barratt
Watson Barratt
19.   Hierarchy of Barr, William Barr, William
(American painter and illustrator, 1867-1933) [500031948] (Persons, Artists)
William Barr
20.   Hierarchy of Bart, Barry Bart, Barry
(American illustrator, active early 20th century) [500043134] (Persons, Artists)
Barry Bart
21.   Hierarchy of Bartlett, Dana Bartlett, Dana
(American painter and illustrator, 1878-1957) [500093996] (Persons, Artists)
Dana Bartlett
22.   Hierarchy of Barto, Emily Barto, Emily
(American painter and illustrator, 1896-1968) [500042576] (Persons, Artists)
Barto, Emily Newton
Emily Barto
23.   Hierarchy of Bartram, William Bartram, William
(American botanist, naturalist and illustrator, 1739-1823) [500092786] (Persons, Artists)
Bartram, Billy
William Bartram
24.   Hierarchy of Baskin, Leonard Baskin, Leonard
(American sculptor and printmaker, 1922-2000) [500003136] (Persons, Artists)
Leonard Baskin
25.   Hierarchy of Bauer, Robert Bauer, Robert
(American painter and illustrator, born 1942) [500330650] (Persons, Artists)
Robert Bauer
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