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76.   Hierarchy of Mussi, Ana Vitória Mussi, Ana Vitória
(Brazilian photographer and video artist, born 1948) [500373045] (Persons, Artists)
Ana Vitória Mussi
77.   Hierarchy of Novarro, Eddy Novarro, Eddy
(Brazilian photographer of Romanian birth, born 1925-1930) [500337582] (Persons, Artists)
Новарро, Эдди
Eddy Novarro
Novarro, Eddie
Novaru. Vasile
78.   Hierarchy of Octavio, Hugo Rodrigo Octavio, Hugo Rodrigo
(Brazilian photographer, 1923-1976) [500343377] (Persons, Artists)
Hugo Rodrigo Octavio
79.   Hierarchy of Oiticica Filho, José Oiticica Filho, José
(Brazilian photographer, 1906-1964) [500338327] (Persons, Artists)
Filho, José Oiticica
José Oiticica Filho
Nunes Filho Oiticica, José
80.   Hierarchy of Oliveira, Ricardo de Oliveira, Ricardo de
(Brazilian photographer, born 1959) [500336569] (Persons, Artists)
Ricardo de Oliveira
81.   Hierarchy of Omar, Arthur Omar, Arthur
(Brazilian photographer, born 1948) [500342667] (Persons, Artists)
Arthur Omar
Omar, Artur
82.   Hierarchy of Ontañón, Francisco Ontañón, Francisco
(Brazilian photojournalist, born 1930) [500342508] (Persons, Artists)
Francisco Ontañón
Ontañón, Françesc
83.   Hierarchy of Rennó, Rosángela Rennó, Rosángela
(Brazilian photographer, born 1962) [500034674] (Persons, Artists)
Rennó, Rosângela
Rosángela Rennó
84.   Hierarchy of Rezende, Newton Rezende, Newton
(Brazilian painter and illustrator, 1912-1994) [500345731] (Persons, Artists)
Newton Rezende
85.   Hierarchy of Rio Branco, Miguel Rio Branco, Miguel
(Brazilian photographer, born 1946) [500125354] (Persons, Artists)
Branco, Miguel Rio
Branco, Rio
Miguel Rio Branco
Paranhos di Rio Branco, Miguel da Silva
Rio Branco
Silva Paranhos di Rio Branco, Miguel da
86.   Hierarchy of Rosenthal, Hildegard Rosenthal, Hildegard
(Brazilian photographer, 1913-1990) [500338780] (Persons, Artists)
Hildegard Rosenthal
87.   Hierarchy of Salgado, Sebastião Salgado, Sebastião
(Brazilian photographer, born 1944) [500118071] (Persons, Artists)
Salgado, Sebastião Ribeiro
Sarugado, Sebasuchan
Sebastião Salgado
88.   Hierarchy of Salvatori, Maristela Salvatori, Maristela
(Brazilian photographer, born 1960) [500356568] (Persons, Artists)
Maristela Salvatori
89.   Hierarchy of Scavone, Márcio Scavone, Márcio
(Brazilian photographer, born 1952) [500343357] (Persons, Artists)
Márcio Scavone
Scavone, Márcio Rubens Teixeira
Scavone, Rubens Teixeira
90.   Hierarchy of Silva, Possidónio da Silva, Possidónio da
(Portuguese architect and writer, 1806-1896) [500124913] (Persons, Artists)
Da Silva, Joaquim Possidónio Narciso
Da Silva, Joaquim Possidonio Narciso
Da Silva, Joaquim Possidonio Narcizo
Joaquim Possidónio Narciso Da Silva
Joaquim Possidonio Narciso da Silva
Possidónio da Silva
Silva, Joaquím Possidónio Narciso da
Silva, Joaquim Possidonio Narciso da
91.   Hierarchy of Simons, Luzia Simons, Luzia
(German photographer, born 1953) [500348392] (Persons, Artists)
Luzia Simons
92.   Hierarchy of Souza, Edgard de Souza, Edgard de
(Brazilian photographer and sculptor, born 1962) [500330791] (Persons, Artists)
De Souza, Edgar
Edgard de Souza
Edgar de Souza
Souza, Edgar de
93.   Hierarchy of Varejão, Adriana Varejão, Adriana
(Brazilian painter and photographer, born 1964) [500329411] (Persons, Artists)
Adriana Varejao
Adriana Varejão
Varejao, Adriana
94.   Hierarchy of Váter, Regina Maria da Mota Váter, Regina Maria da Mota
(Brazilian painter and installation artist, active late 20th century ) [500086388] (Persons, Artists)
Regina Maria da Mota Váter
Regina Vater
Vater, Regina
95.   Hierarchy of Vergara, Carlos Vergara, Carlos
(Brazilian painter, born 1941) [500356602] (Persons, Artists)
Carlos Vergara
Santos, Carlos Augusto Caminha Vergara dos
96.   Hierarchy of Vieira, Valério Vieira, Valério
(Brazilian photographer, 1862-1941) [500069957] (Persons, Artists)
Valério Vieira
97.   Hierarchy of Villar, Alex Villar, Alex
(Brazilian photographer, installation, and video artist, born 1962) [500334104] (Persons, Artists)
Alex Villar
98.   Hierarchy of Wolfenson, Bob Wolfenson, Bob
(Brazilian photographer, born 1954) [500343208] (Persons, Artists)
Bob Wolfenson
99.   Hierarchy of Xavier, Marcia Xavier, Marcia
(Brazilian photographer and artist, born 1967) [500356609] (Persons, Artists)
Marcia Xavier
100.   Hierarchy of Yalenti, José Yalenti, José
(Brazilian photographer, 1895-1967) [500356697] (Persons, Artists)
José Yalenti
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