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51.   Hierarchy of Guanaes, Lucia Guanaes, Lucia
(Brazilian photographer, born 1955) [500356495] (Persons, Artists)
Lucia Guanaes
52.   Hierarchy of Guerra, Fernando Guerra, Fernando
(Brazilian architect, photographer and lecturer, contemporary) [500290642] (Persons, Artists)
De Souza, Fernando Guerra
Fernando Guerra
Guerra de Souza, Fernando
Souza, Fernando Guerra de
53.   Hierarchy of Guimarães, Cláudia Guimarães, Cláudia
(Brazilian sculptor, painter, and engraver, born 1965) [500372078] (Persons, Artists)
Cláudia Guimarães
Guimarães, Cláudia Regina
54.   Hierarchy of Gurjão, Arluce Gurjão, Arluce
(Brazilian painter, engraver, and photographer, born 1968) [500372079] (Persons, Artists)
Arluce Gurjão
Gurjão, Arluce Maria de Jesus
55.   Hierarchy of Jaguaribe, Claudia Jaguaribe, Claudia
(Brazilian photographer and sculptor, born 1955) [500345064] (Persons, Artists)
Claudia Jaguaribe
56.   Hierarchy of Koch, Lucia Koch, Lucia
(Brazilian mixed-media artist and sculptor, born 1966) [500356550] (Persons, Artists)
Lucia Koch
57.   Hierarchy of Kon, Nelson Kon, Nelson
(Brazilian photographer, contemporary) [500266621] (Persons, Artists)
Nelson Kon
58.   Hierarchy of Kossoy, Boris Kossoy, Boris
(Brazilian photographer, born 1941) [500356512] (Persons, Artists)
Boris Kossoy
59.   Hierarchy of Krajcberg, Frans Krajcberg, Frans
(Brazilian sculptor, printmaker, and painter, born 1921) [500118094] (Persons, Artists)
Frans Krajcberg
60.   Hierarchy of Kuhn, Mona Kuhn, Mona
(Brazilian photographer, born 1969, active in the United States) [500344462] (Persons, Artists)
Mona Kuhn
61.   Hierarchy of Leuzinger, George Leuzinger, George
(Brazilian photographer and publisher, 1813-1892) [500342020] (Persons, Artists)
George Leuzinger
Leuzinger, Georg
Leuzinger, Georges
62.   Hierarchy of Lombardi, Inés Lombardi, Inés
(Brazilian photographer and sculptor, born 1958, active in Austria) [500033170] (Persons, Artists)
Inés Lombardi
63.   Hierarchy of Lorca, German Lorca, German
(Brazilian photographer, born 1922) [500356547] (Persons, Artists)
German Lorca
64.   Hierarchy of Lost Art Lost Art
(Brazilian artists' group, contemporary) [500356414] (Corporate Bodies)
65.   Hierarchy of Luis Humberto Luis Humberto
(Brazilian photographer, born 1934) [500339977] (Persons, Artists)
Humberto, Luis
Martins Pereira, Luis Humberto Miranda
Miranda Martins Pereira, Luis Humberto
Pereira, Luis Humberto Miranda Martins
66.   Hierarchy of Malta Campos, Augusto Cesar de Malta Campos, Augusto Cesar de
(Brazilian photographer, 1864-1957) [500035490] (Persons, Artists)
A. Malta
Augusto Cesar de Malta Campos
Campos, Augusto Cesar Malta de
De Campos, Augusto Cesar Malta
Malta, A.
Malta, Augusto
Malta, Augusto César
Malta, Augusto Cesar
Malta Campos, Augusto Ceasar de
Malta Campos, Augusto César
Malta de Campos, Augusto Cesar
67.   Hierarchy of Manzon, Jean Manzon, Jean
(Franco-Brazilian journalist and photographer, 1915-1990) [500344929] (Persons, Artists)
Jean Manzon
68.   Hierarchy of Mariani, Anna Mariani, Anna
(Brazilian photographer, born 1935) [500101314] (Persons, Artists)
Anna Mariani
Bittencourt, Anna Helena Mariani
69.   Hierarchy of Martins, Juca Martins, Juca
(Brazilian photographer, born 1949) [500343715] (Persons, Artists)
Juca Martins
70.   Hierarchy of Mascaro, Cristiano Mascaro, Cristiano
(Brazilian photographer, born 1944) [500344151] (Persons, Artists)
Cristiano Mascaro
Mascaro, Christiano
Mascaro, Cristiano Alckmin
71.   Hierarchy of Medeiros, Rogério Medeiros, Rogério
(Brazilian photographer, contemporary) [500344273] (Persons, Artists)
Rogério Medeiros
72.   Hierarchy of Mello, Hélio Campos Mello, Hélio Campos
(Brazilian photographer, born 1948) [500337653] (Persons, Artists)
Campos Mello, Hélio
Hélio Campos Mello
Melo, Hélio Campos
73.   Hierarchy of Mitteldorf, Klaus Mitteldorf, Klaus
(Brazilian photogapher, born 1953) [500343762] (Persons, Artists)
Klaus Mitteldorf
74.   Hierarchy of Moreira, Carlos Moreira, Carlos
(Brazilian photographer, born 1936) [500356477] (Persons, Artists)
Carlos Moreira
Moreira, Carlos Antonio
75.   Hierarchy of Moser, Claudio Moser, Claudio
(Brazilian photographer, born 1960) [500345207] (Persons, Artists)
Claudio Moser
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