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26.   Hierarchy of Ignatov, Nikolaj Ignatov, Nikolaj
(Georgian painter and scenographer, born 1937) [500091002] (Persons, Artists)
Ignatovi, Koka
Ignatov, Koka
Ignatov, Nikolai
Nikolaj Ignatov
27.   Hierarchy of Iliazd (Zdanévitch, Ilia) Iliazd (Zdanévitch, Ilia)
(Russian graphic artist and writer, 1894-1975, active in France) [500080494] (Persons, Artists)
Vernacular: Zdanevich, Il'ya
איליזד (זדנביץ', אליה)
Зданевич, Илья
Эганбюри, Эли
Ėganbi︠u︡ri, Ėli
Eganbyuri, Eli
Eg Eganbury
Eli Eganbjuri
Ilia) Iliazd (Zdanévitch
Il'ia Zdanevich
Iliazd (Il'ia Zdanevich)
Il'ya Zdanevich
Parkin, Varsanofij
Zdanevich, Il'ia
Zdanevich, Ilʹi︠a︡
Zdanevich, Ilya
Zdanevich, Il'ya Michajlovič
Zdanevich, Il'ya Mikhailovich
Zdanevič, Ilja
Zdanevič, Il'ja Michajlovič
28.   Hierarchy of Ioan Iveropoulos Ioan Iveropoulos
(Georgian painter, active 11th century in Bulgaria) [500064467] (Persons, Artists)
Iveropoulos, Ioan
29.   Hierarchy of Iosseliani, Otar Iosseliani, Otar
(Georgian film director, writer, and editor, born 1934, active in France) [500333154] (Persons, Artists)
Ioseliani, Otʻar
Otar Iosseliani
30.   Hierarchy of Janashvili, Mordechai Janashvili, Mordechai
(Israeli painter, born USSR, 1929–1988) [500481280] (Persons, Artists)
ג'נשווילי, מרדכי (מיכה)
Janashvili, Micha
Mordechai Janashvili
31.   Hierarchy of Japaridze, Mamuka Japaridze, Mamuka
(Georgian artist, born 1962) [500381778] (Persons, Artists)
Mamuka Japaridze
32.   Hierarchy of Kakabadze, David Kakabadze, David
(Georgian painter, collagist, and scenographer, 1889-1952) [500061624] (Persons, Artists)
David Kakabadze
David Nestorovich Kakabadze
Kakabadse, David Nestorovich
Kakabadze, David Nestorovich
33.   Hierarchy of Kanovitch, Mark Kanovitch, Mark
(Georgian painter, born 1970) [500482312] (Persons, Artists)
קנוביץ, מרק
Mark Kanovitch
34.   Hierarchy of Koguashvili, Levan Koguashvili, Levan
(Georgian artist, born 1973) [500470510] (Persons, Artists)
Levan Koguashvili
35.   Hierarchy of Kotchar, Ervand Kotchar, Ervand
(Armenian sculptor and painter, 1899-1979) [500076604] (Persons, Artists)
Ervand Kotchar
Ervand Semenovich Kochar
Kocar, Ervand
Kochar, Ervand
Kochar, Ervand Semenovich
36.   Hierarchy of Lubetkin, Berthold Lubetkin, Berthold
(British architect and sculptor, 1901-1990) [500009017] (Persons, Artists)
Berthold Lubetkin
Bertold Lubetkin
Lubetkin, Bertold
37.   Hierarchy of Mamne Mamne
(goldsmith, active 16th century) [500079946] (Persons, Artists)
38.   Hierarchy of Mayakovsky, Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky, Vladimir Vladimirovich
(Russian poet, playwright, and artist, 1893-1930) [500111584] (Persons, Artists)
מאיאקובסקי, ולדימיר ולדימירוביץ'
Maiakovsky, Vladimir
Majakovskij, Wladimir Wladimirowitsch
Majakovski, Vladimir Vladimirovich
Mayakovskij, Vladimir Vladimirovic
Mayakovski, Vladimir Vladimirovich
Mayakovsky, Vladimir
Mayakov, Vladimir
Vladimir Mayakov
Vladimir Mayakovsky
Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky
39.   Hierarchy of Maysuradze, Grigol Maysuradze, Grigol
(Georgian painter, 1817-1885) [500121578] (Persons, Artists)
Grigol Maysuradze
40.   Hierarchy of Mischenko, B. Mischenko, B.
(Russian photographer, active 1860-1900) [500054101] (Persons, Artists)
B. Mischenko
41.   Hierarchy of Moshiashvili, Raphael Moshiashvili, Raphael
(Georgian painter, born 1941) [500477824] (Persons, Artists)
מושיאשוולי, רפאל
Raphael Moshiashvili
42.   Hierarchy of Nazaryan, Michael Nazaryan, Michael
(Georgian sculptor, born 1956) [500478136] (Persons, Artists)
נזריאן, מיכאל
Michael Nazaryan
43.   Hierarchy of Neprinčev, Jurij Mihajlovič Neprinčev, Jurij Mihajlovič
(Russian painter, 1909-1996) [500069151] (Persons, Artists)
Jurij Mihajlovič Neprinčev
Neprincev, Jurij Michailovič
Neprincev, Jurij Michajlovic
Neprintsev, Yuri Mikhailovich
Neprinzeff, Jurij Michailowitsch
44.   Hierarchy of Nikoladze, Yakov Nikoladze, Yakov
(Georgian sculptor, 1876-1951) [500323248] (Persons, Artists)
Nikoladse, Jakab Iwanowitsch
Nikoladze, Jakov
Nikoladze, Ya.
Yakov Nikoladze
45.   Hierarchy of Nikolazde, Yakov Nikolazde, Yakov
(Georgian sculptor, 1876-1951) [500121575] (Persons, Artists)
Yakov Nikolazde
46.   Hierarchy of Pagava, Vera Pagava, Vera
(French painter of Georgian birth, 1907-1988) [500041556] (Persons, Artists)
Pagava, Véra
Vera Pagava
47.   Hierarchy of Peradze, Eka Peradze, Eka
(Georgian painter, born 1974) [500355848] (Persons, Artists)
Eka Peradze
48.   Hierarchy of Pichhadze, Meir Pichhadze, Meir
(Georgian painter, 1955-2010) [500479694] (Persons, Artists)
פיצ'חדזה, מאיר
Meir Pichhadze
49.   Hierarchy of Pirosmanishvili, Niko Pirosmanishvili, Niko
(Georgian painter, 1862-1918) [500029394] (Persons, Artists)
Пиросмани, Нико
Пиросманашвили, Нико
Пиросманишвили, Нико
Пиросманашвили, Николай Асланович
Niko Aslanovich Pirosmanishvili
Niko Pirosmanishvili
Piromanashvili, Niko Aslanovich
Piromanasvili, Niko
Pirosmanachvili, Nicholaï Aslanovitch
Pirosmanachvili, Niko
Pirosmanashvili, Niko
Pirosmanashvili, Nikolaĭ Aslanovich
Pʻirosmanašvili, Niko
Pirosmanašvili, Niko
Pirosmani, Niko
Pirosmani, Niko Aslanovich
Pirosmani, Nikolay
Pirosmani, Nikolay Aslanovich
Pirosmanishvili, Niko Aslanovich
Pirosmanoschwili, Niko
50.   Hierarchy of Roinašvili, Aleksandr Roinašvili, Aleksandr
(Russian photographer, 1846-1898) [500067169] (Persons, Artists)
Aleksandr Roinašvili
Roinashivili, Aleksandr
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