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26.   Hierarchy of Lubetkin, Berthold Lubetkin, Berthold
(British architect and sculptor, 1901-1990) [500009017] (Persons, Artists)
Berthold Lubetkin
Bertold Lubetkin
Lubetkin, Bertold
27.   Hierarchy of Mamne Mamne
(goldsmith, active 16th century) [500079946] (Persons, Artists)
28.   Hierarchy of Maysuradze, Grigol Maysuradze, Grigol
(Georgian painter, 1817-1885) [500121578] (Persons, Artists)
Grigol Maysuradze
29.   Hierarchy of Mischenko, B. Mischenko, B.
(Russian photographer, active 1860-1900) [500054101] (Persons, Artists)
B. Mischenko
30.   Hierarchy of Nikoladze, Yakov Nikoladze, Yakov
(Georgian sculptor, 1876-1951) [500323248] (Persons, Artists)
Nikoladse, Jakab Iwanowitsch
Nikoladze, Jakov
Nikoladze, Ya.
Yakov Nikoladze
31.   Hierarchy of Nikolazde, Yakov Nikolazde, Yakov
(Georgian sculptor, 1876-1951) [500121575] (Persons, Artists)
Yakov Nikolazde
32.   Hierarchy of Pagava, Vera Pagava, Vera
(French painter of Georgian birth, 1907-1988) [500041556] (Persons, Artists)
Pagava, Véra
Vera Pagava
33.   Hierarchy of Peradze, Eka Peradze, Eka
(Georgian painter, born 1974) [500355848] (Persons, Artists)
Eka Peradze
34.   Hierarchy of Pirosmanishvili, Niko Pirosmanishvili, Niko
(Georgian painter, 1862-1918) [500029394] (Persons, Artists)
Пиросмани, Нико
Пиросманашвили, Нико
Пиросманишвили, Нико
Пиросманашвили, Николай Асланович
Niko Aslanovich Pirosmanishvili
Niko Pirosmanishvili
Pirosmanachvili, Niko
Pirosmanashvili, Niko
Pirosmanashvili, Nikolaĭ Aslanovich
Pirosmanašvili, Niko
Pʻirosmanašvili, Niko
Pirosmani, Niko
Pirosmani, Niko Aslanovich
Pirosmani, Nikolay
Pirosmani, Nikolay Aslanovich
Pirosmanishvili, Niko Aslanovich
35.   Hierarchy of Shervashidze, Aleksandr Shervashidze, Aleksandr
(Russian prince, painter, 1867-1968) [500120637] (Persons, Artists)
ალექსანდრე კონსტანტინის ძე შერვაშიძე
Алеқсандр Константин-иҧа Чачба
Akeksandr Konstantinovich Schervaschidze
Aleksandr Konstantinovič Šervašidze
Aleksandr Shervashidze
Čačba, Aleksandr Konstantinovič
Chachba, Akeksandr Konstantinovich
Chachba, Prince
Schervachidze, Akeksandr Konstantinovich
Schervachidze, Prince
Schervaschidze, Akeksandr Konstantinovich
Schervaschidze, Aleksandr Konstantinovich
Schervaschidze, Prince
Šervašidze, Aleksandr Konstantinovič
Shervashidze, Aleksandr Konstantinovič
Shervashidze, Aleksandr Konstantinovich
Shervashidze, Aleksandr Konstantinovich, Prince Chachba
Shervashidze, Aleksandr, Prince Chachba
36.   Hierarchy of Sirbiladze, Tamuna Sirbiladze, Tamuna
(Georgian painter, 1971-2016, active in Vienna) [500372261] (Persons, Artists)
Tamuna Sirbiladze
37.   Hierarchy of Siyavush Siyavush
(Persian illustrator, ca. 1536-before 1616) [500116669] (Persons, Artists)
Siyāvush Beg
Siyāvush, Siyāvush Beg
38.   Hierarchy of Ter-Arutunian, Rouben Ter-Arutunian, Rouben
(American costume designer and scenographer, born 1920 in Georgia) [500330579] (Persons, Artists)
Arutunian, Rouben Ter-
Rouben Ter-Artunian
Rouben Ter-Arutunian
Ter-Artunian, Rouben
Ter-Arutanian, Rouben
39.   Hierarchy of Toidze, Iraklij Toidze, Iraklij
(Georgian painter and illustrator, 1902-1985) [500101373] (Persons, Artists)
Iraklij Toidze
Irakly Moisevich Toidze
Toidse, Irakli Moissejewitsch
Toidze, Iraklii Moiseevich
Toidze, Irakli Moisejevitch
Toidze, Irakly Moisevich
40.   Hierarchy of Toidze, Mose Toidze, Mose
(Georgian painter, 1871-1953) [500121573] (Persons, Artists)
Mose Toidze
Toidze, Mose Ivanovich
41.   Hierarchy of Tsereteli, Zurab Tsereteli, Zurab
(Georgian decorative artist, born 1934) [500121577] (Persons, Artists)
Tsereteli, Zurab Konstantinovich
Zurab Tsereteli
42.   Hierarchy of Virsaladze, Simon Virsaladze, Simon
(Georgian stage designer, 1909-1989) [500327720] (Persons, Artists)
Simon Virsaladze
Virsaladze, Simon Bagratovich
43.   Hierarchy of Wekua, Andro Wekua, Andro
(Georgian installation artist, born 1977, active in Zurich) [500356224] (Persons, Artists)
Andro Wekua
44.   Hierarchy of Yakulov, Georgy Yakulov, Georgy
(Georgian painter and scenographer, 1884-1928) [500008362] (Persons, Artists)
Georgii Iakulov
Georgy I Bogdanovich Yakulov
Georgy Yakulov
Iakulov, Georgii
Jakoulov, Georges
Jakoulov, Yuri Bogdanovitch
Jakulov, Georgij Bogdanovič
Yakulov, Georgii
Yakulov, Georgy Bogdanovich
Yakulov, Georgy I Bogdanovich
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