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2351.   Hierarchy of Weihmann, Tatiana Weihmann, Tatiana
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500264712] (Persons, Artists)
Tatiana Weihmann
2352.   Hierarchy of Weinfeld, Isay Weinfeld, Isay
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500250325] (Persons, Artists)
Isay Weinfeld
2353.   Hierarchy of Weingärtner, Pedro Weingärtner, Pedro
(Brazilian painter, 1853-1929) [500090269] (Persons, Artists)
Pedro Weingärtner
Peter Weingartner
Weingartner, Pedro
Weingartner, Peter
Weingärtner, Peter
2354.   Hierarchy of Weissman, Franz Weissman, Franz
(Brazilian sculptor, born 1914) [500118164] (Persons, Artists)
Franz Weissman
Weissman, Franz Joseph
2355.   Hierarchy of Wertheimer, Moema Wertheimer, Moema
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500276611] (Persons, Artists)
Moema Wertheimer
2356.   Hierarchy of Wey de Oliveira, Valéria Wey de Oliveira, Valéria
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500264702] (Persons, Artists)
Valéria Wey de Oliveira
2357.   Hierarchy of Wild & Helfer Arquitetos Wild & Helfer Arquitetos
(Brazilian architectural firm, active from 1986) [500229305] (Corporate Bodies)
2358.   Hierarchy of Wilheim, Jorge Wilheim, Jorge
(Brazilian architect and urban planner, born 1928) [500118126] (Persons, Artists)
Jorge Wilheim
2359.   Hierarchy of Willer, Alfred Willer, Alfred
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500101598] (Persons, Artists)
Alfred Willer
2360.   Hierarchy of Wolfenson, Bob Wolfenson, Bob
(Brazilian photographer, born 1954) [500343208] (Persons, Artists)
Bob Wolfenson
2361.   Hierarchy of Wolff de Carvalho, Maria Cristina Wolff de Carvalho, Maria Cristina
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500254243] (Persons, Artists)
Maria Cristina Wolff de Carvalho
2362.   Hierarchy of Wollner, Alexandre Wollner, Alexandre
(Brazilian painter and graphic artist, born 1928) [500356692] (Persons, Artists)
Alexandre Wollner
2363.   Hierarchy of Worms, Bertha Worms, Bertha
(French-Brazilian portraitist, designer, and teacher, 1868-1937) [500356607] (Persons, Artists)
Bertha Worms
Worms, Anna Clèmence Berthe Abraham
2364.   Hierarchy of Worms, Gastão Worms, Gastão
(Brazilian painter, 1905-1967) [500356608] (Persons, Artists)
Gastão Worms
2365.   Hierarchy of Wu Mali Wu Mali
(Taiwanese conceptual artist, born 1957) [500125609] (Persons, Artists)
Mali, Wu
Mali Wu
Wu, Mali
2366.   Hierarchy of Xavier, Cristina Xavier, Cristina
(Brazilian architect, born 1961) [500272834] (Persons, Artists)
Cristina Xavier
2367.   Hierarchy of Xavier, João Baptista Alves Xavier, João Baptista Alves
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500229032] (Persons, Artists)
João Baptista Alves Xavier
2368.   Hierarchy of Xavier, Marcia Xavier, Marcia
(Brazilian photographer and artist, born 1967) [500356609] (Persons, Artists)
Marcia Xavier
2369.   Hierarchy of Ximenes Leite Arquitetura Ximenes Leite Arquitetura
(Brazilian architectural firm, contemporary) [500289948] (Corporate Bodies)
2370.   Hierarchy of Yalenti, José Yalenti, José
(Brazilian photographer, 1895-1967) [500356697] (Persons, Artists)
José Yalenti
2371.   Hierarchy of Yoshioka, Erica Yoshioka, Erica
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500272944] (Persons, Artists)
Erica Yoshioka
2372.   Hierarchy of Ypiranga Filho Ypiranga Filho
(Brazilian sculptor, photographer, and engraver, born 1936) [500372097] (Persons, Artists)
Dantas Filho, Lourenço Ypiranga de Souza
2373.   Hierarchy of Yuasa, Megumi Yuasa, Megumi
(Brazilian sculptor and ceramicist, born 1938) [500372387] (Persons, Artists)
Megumi Yuasa
2374.   Hierarchy of Yurgel Machado Rodrigues Arquitetos Associados Yurgel Machado Rodrigues Arquitetos Associados
(Brazilian architectural firm, contemporary) [500212572] (Corporate Bodies)
2375.   Hierarchy of Zalszupin, Jorge Zalszupin, Jorge
(Brazilian architect, active late 20th century) [500075617] (Persons, Artists)
Jorge Zalszupin
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