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201.   Hierarchy of Barbosa, Alfredo Barbosa, Alfredo
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500286473] (Persons, Artists)
Alfredo Barbosa
202.   Hierarchy of Barbosa, Arnaldo Barbosa, Arnaldo
(Brazilian painter, 1902-1981) [500356488] (Persons, Artists)
Arnaldo Barbosa
203.   Hierarchy of Barbosa, Bento, Júnior Barbosa, Bento, Júnior
(Brazilian painter and illustrator, ca. 1866-1894) [500372011] (Persons, Artists)
Barbosa, Bento
Barboza Junior, Bento
Bento Barbosa, Júnior
204.   Hierarchy of Barbosa, Cristina Barbosa, Cristina
(Brazilian painter, contemporary) [500283575] (Persons, Artists)
Cristina Barbosa
205.   Hierarchy of Barbosa, Dario Villares Barbosa, Dario Villares
(Brazilian painter, 1880-1952) [500356489] (Persons, Artists)
Dario Villares Barbosa
206.   Hierarchy of Barbosa, Gilson Ramos Barbosa, Gilson Ramos
(Brazilian painter, 1935-1981) [500356490] (Persons, Artists)
Barbosa, Gilson
Gilson Barbosa
Gilson Ramos Barbosa
207.   Hierarchy of Barbosa, Marcelo Barbosa, Marcelo
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500248855] (Persons, Artists)
Marcelo Barbosa
208.   Hierarchy of Barbosa, Mário Villares Barbosa, Mário Villares
(Brazilian painter, 1880-1917) [500356491] (Persons, Artists)
Mário Villares Barbosa
209.   Hierarchy of Barbosa, Mariza Marques Barbosa, Mariza Marques
(Brazilian artist, contemporary) [500341975] (Persons, Artists)
Mariza Marques Barbosa
Marques Barbosa, Mariza
210.   Hierarchy of Barcellos, Carla Barcellos, Carla
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500264713] (Persons, Artists)
Carla Barcellos
211.   Hierarchy of Barcellos, Ricardo Barcellos, Ricardo
(Brazilian photographer, born 1969) [500372015] (Persons, Artists)
Ricardo Barcellos
212.   Hierarchy of Barcellos, Vera Chaves Barcellos, Vera Chaves
(Brazillian mixed-media artist, born 1938) [500356506] (Persons, Artists)
Vera Chaves Barcellos
Vera Guerra Chaves Barcellos
213.   Hierarchy of Bardi, Lina Bò Bardi, Lina Bò
(Brazilian architect, 1914-1992) [500036905] (Persons, Artists)
Bardi, Lina
Bardi, Lina Bo
Bò Bardi, Lina
Bo Bardi, Lina
Bo, Lina
Lina Bò Bardi
Lina Bo Bardi
neé Bo, Lina
214.   Hierarchy of Bardi, P. M. Bardi, P. M.
(Italian-Brazilian museum director, 1900-1999) [500209102] (Non-Artists)
Bardi, Pier Maria
Bardi, Pietro Maria
Pietro Maria Bardi
P. M. Bardi
215.   Hierarchy of Bardy, Carmem Bardy, Carmem
(Brazilian sculptor and engraver, born 1934) [500372016] (Persons, Artists)
Bardy, Carmem Sylvia Gonçalves
Carmem Bardy
216.   Hierarchy of Barillari, Luiz César Barillari, Luiz César
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500270449] (Persons, Artists)
Luiz César Barillari
217.   Hierarchy of Barki, Mônica Barki, Mônica
(Brazilian painter, born 1956) [500356508] (Persons, Artists)
Barki, Monica
Mônica Barki
218.   Hierarchy of Baroni, Aliberto Baroni, Aliberto
(Brazilian painter and illustrator, 1907-1994) [500372017] (Persons, Artists)
Aliberto Baroni
219.   Hierarchy of Barossi, Antônio Carlos Barossi, Antônio Carlos
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500288528] (Persons, Artists)
Antônio Carlos Barossi
220.   Hierarchy of Barreto, Denise Barreto, Denise
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500256512] (Persons, Artists)
Denise Barreto
221.   Hierarchy of Barreto, Leonel Barreto, Leonel
(Brazilian painter and draftsman, born 1942) [500356509] (Persons, Artists)
Barreto, José Roberto Leonel
José Roberto Leonel Barreto
Leonel Barreto
222.   Hierarchy of Barreto, Luiz Carlos Barreto, Luiz Carlos
(Brazilian film producer and screenwriter, born 1928) [500340662] (Non-Artists)
Barreto, Luís Carlos
Luiz Carlos Barreto
223.   Hierarchy of Barreto, Paulo Pt Barreto, Paulo Pt
(Brazilian painter, born 1960) [500356510] (Persons, Artists)
Barreto, Paulo Tarso de Oliva
Paulo de Tarso Oliva Barreto
Paulo Pt Barreto
224.   Hierarchy of Barretto, Joaquim Barretto, Joaquim
(Brazilian architect, active late 20th century) [500112104] (Persons, Artists)
Joaquim Barretto
225.   Hierarchy of Barrio, Artur Barrio, Artur
(Portuguese mixed-media artist, born 1945) [500356511] (Persons, Artists)
Artur Alípio Barrio
Artur Alípio Barrio de Souza Lopes
Artur Barrio
Barrio, Artur Alípio
Barrio de Sousa Lopes, Artur Alípio
De Sousa Lopes, Artur Alípio Barrio
Lopes, Artur Alípio Barrio de Sousa
Lopes, Artur Alípio Barrio de Sousa
Sousa Lopes, Artur Alípio Barrio de
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