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176.   Hierarchy of Azevedo, Paulo Ormindo de Azevedo, Paulo Ormindo de
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500235626] (Persons, Artists)
Paulo Ormindo de Azevedo
177.   Hierarchy of Azevedo, Ricardo H. de Azevedo, Ricardo H. de
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500260872] (Persons, Artists)
Ricardo H. de Azevedo
178.   Hierarchy of Azevedo, Suzana Azevedo, Suzana
(Brazilian illustrator and engraver, born 1950) [500372005] (Persons, Artists)
Mello, Suzana Maranhão de Azevedo
Suzana Azevedo
179.   Hierarchy of Azubel, Maurício Azubel, Maurício
(Brazilian architect, active late 20th century) [500086822] (Persons, Artists)
Maurício Azubel
180.   Hierarchy of Babinski Babinski
(Polish painter and engraver, born 1931, active in Brazil) [500372007] (Persons, Artists)
Babinski, Maciej
Babinski, Maciej Antonio
Maciej Babinski
181.   Hierarchy of Backheuser, João Pedro Backheuser, João Pedro
(Brazilian architect, born 1970) [500272832] (Persons, Artists)
João Pedro Backheuser
182.   Hierarchy of Baendereck, Sepp Baendereck, Sepp
(Brazilian painter, 1920-1988) [500331459] (Persons, Artists)
Bändereck, Sepp
Sepp Baendereck
183.   Hierarchy of Baggio, Maria Tereza Baggio, Maria Tereza
(Brazilian architect, active late 20th century) [500086094] (Persons, Artists)
Maria Tereza Baggio
184.   Hierarchy of Baggio Pereira & Schiavon Arquitetura Baggio Pereira & Schiavon Arquitetura
(Brazilian architectural firm, contemporary) [500276610] (Corporate Bodies)
Baggio Pereira and Schiavon Arquitetura
BP & S
185.   Hierarchy of Bahia, Dora Longo Bahia, Dora Longo
(Brazilian video and installation artist, born 1961) [500388983] (Persons, Artists)
Bahia Longo, Dora
Dora Bahia Longo
Dora Longo Bahia
186.   Hierarchy of Bahiana, Elisiário Bahiana, Elisiário
(Brazilian architect and teacher, 1891-1980) [500118112] (Persons, Artists)
Bahiana, Elisiário Antonio da Cunha
Bahiana, Elisiário Antonio de Cunha
Elisiário Bahiana
187.   Hierarchy of Bailly, João Pedro Bailly, João Pedro
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500260873] (Persons, Artists)
João Pedro Bailly
188.   Hierarchy of Bajado Bajado
(Brazilian painter, born 1912) [500337539] (Persons, Artists)
Amâncio, Euclides Francisco
189.   Hierarchy of Bakker, Joost Bakker, Joost
(Canadian architect, contemporary) [500085230] (Persons, Artists)
Joost Bakker
190.   Hierarchy of Balbino, Manoel Balbino, Manoel
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500274112] (Persons, Artists)
Manoel Balbino
191.   Hierarchy of Bampi, Richard Bampi, Richard
(Brazilian ceramicist and printmaker, 1896-1965) [500063269] (Persons, Artists)
Richard Bampi
192.   Hierarchy of Banco do Estado Banco do Estado
(Brazilian repository, Rio de Janeiro, contemporary) [500310746] (Corporate Bodies)
193.   Hierarchy of Bandeira, Antonio Bandeira, Antonio
(Brazilian painter and draftsman, 1922-1967) [500118111] (Persons, Artists)
Antonio Bandeira
Bandeira, Antônio
194.   Hierarchy of Bandeira, Manuel Bandeira, Manuel
(Brazilian architect, 1886-1968) [500241012] (Persons, Artists)
Manuel Bandeira
195.   Hierarchy of Bandeira, Ricardo Bandeira, Ricardo
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500266615] (Persons, Artists)
Ricardo Bandeira
196.   Hierarchy of Banfi, Chiara Banfi, Chiara
(Brazilian artist, born 1979) [500356485] (Persons, Artists)
Chiara Banfi
197.   Hierarchy of Baptista, Zizi Baptista, Zizi
(Brazilian engraver, born 1964) [500372008] (Persons, Artists)
Baptista, Ana Elisa
Baptista, Ana Elisa Sampaio Dias
Zizi Baptista
198.   Hierarchy of Baranek, Frida Baranek, Frida
(Brazilian sculptor, born 1961) [500034655] (Persons, Artists)
Frida Baranek
Frida Lídia Baranek
199.   Hierarchy of Barata, Fernando Barata, Fernando
(Brazilian painter, active 20th century) [500102053] (Persons, Artists)
Fernando Barata
200.   Hierarchy of Baratta, Mário Baratta, Mário
(Brazilian painter, 1915-1983) [500356707] (Persons, Artists)
Mário Baratta
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