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151.   Hierarchy of Assunção, Acácio Assunção, Acácio
(Portuguese painter, born 1935) [500372002] (Persons, Artists)
Acácio Assunção
Assunção, Acácio de Olival Nogueira de
152.   Hierarchy of Assunçao Ribeiro Franco, Maria de Assunçao Ribeiro Franco, Maria de
(Brazilian landscape architect, contemporary) [500235567] (Persons, Artists)
Maria de Assunçao Ribeiro Franco
153.   Hierarchy of Ataíde, Manoel de Costa Ataíde, Manoel de Costa
(Brazilian painter, baptized 1762, died 1830) [500118113] (Persons, Artists)
Ataíde, Manoel da Costa
Athaide, Manoel da Costa
Athaide, Manoel de Costa
Manoel da Costa Ataíde
Manoel de Costa Ataíde
154.   Hierarchy of Atanásio, João Atanásio, João
(Brazilian engraver, born 1948) [500356479] (Persons, Artists)
João Atanásio
João Atanásio dos Reis
155.   Hierarchy of Athié / Della Manna Arquitetos Athié / Della Manna Arquitetos
(Brazilian firm, contemporary) [500251577] (Corporate Bodies)
156.   Hierarchy of Aud, Tonico Lemos Aud, Tonico Lemos
(Brazilian artist, born 1968) [500331897] (Persons, Artists)
Auad, Tonico Lemos
Tonico Lemos Auad
Tonico Lemos Aud
157.   Hierarchy of Augusto, Fernando Augusto, Fernando
(Brazilian painter, born 1960) [500388349] (Persons, Artists)
Fernando Augusto
158.   Hierarchy of Aun, Adriana Aun, Adriana
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500264686] (Persons, Artists)
Adriana Aun
159.   Hierarchy of Auxiliadora da Silva, Maria Auxiliadora da Silva, Maria
(Brazilian painter, 1935-1974) [500334708] (Persons, Artists)
Auxilliadora, Maria de
Auxilliadora, Silva Maria de
Maria Auxiliadora da Silva
Silva, Maria Auxiliadora
Silva, Maria Auxiliadora da
160.   Hierarchy of Avelar, Cátia Avelar, Cátia
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500222584] (Persons, Artists)
Cátia Avelar
161.   Hierarchy of Avellar, Cátia Avellar, Cátia
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500011193] (Persons, Artists)
Cátia Avellar
162.   Hierarchy of Avellar, Fernandes & Montezuma Avellar, Fernandes & Montezuma
(Brazilian architectural firm, contemporary) [500267388] (Corporate Bodies)
163.   Hierarchy of Ávila, Anna Cristina Ávila, Anna Cristina
(Brazilian architect, born 1970) [500272827] (Persons, Artists)
Anna Cristina Ávila
164.   Hierarchy of Ávila, Sara Ávila, Sara
(Brazilian painter, born 1932) [500338644] (Persons, Artists)
Avila de Oliveira, Sara
Avila, Sara
Oliveira, Sara Avila de
Sara Ávila
165.   Hierarchy of Ayres, Campos Ayres, Campos
(Brazilian painter, 1881-1944) [500356481] (Persons, Artists)
Ayres, Diógenes Campos
Campos Ayres
166.   Hierarchy of Ayres, Isabel Ayres, Isabel
(Brazilian printmaker, born 1969 ) [500372000] (Persons, Artists)
Isabel Ayres
Maringelli, Isabel Cristina Ayres da Silva
Silva, Isabel Cristina Ayres da
167.   Hierarchy of Ayres, Lula Cardoso Ayres, Lula Cardoso
(Brazilian painter and muralist, 1910-1987) [500340963] (Persons, Artists)
Cardoso Ayres, Lula
Lula Cardoso Ayres
168.   Hierarchy of Azambuja, Guilherme Azambuja, Guilherme
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500285622] (Persons, Artists)
Guilherme Azambuja
169.   Hierarchy of Azevedo, Esterzilda Bernstein de Azevedo, Esterzilda Bernstein de
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500235625] (Persons, Artists)
Esterzilda Bernstein de Azevedo
170.   Hierarchy of Azevedo, Francisco de Paula Ramos de Azevedo, Francisco de Paula Ramos de
(Brazilian architect, 1851-1928) [500118119] (Persons, Artists)
Azevedo, Ramos de
De Azevedo, Francisco de Paula Ramos
De Azevedo, Ramos
Francisco de Paula Ramos de Azevedo
Ramos de Azevedo
Ramos de Azevedo, Francisco de Paula
171.   Hierarchy of Azevedo, Mário Azevedo, Mário
(Brazilian painter, born 1957) [500372004] (Persons, Artists)
Azevedo, Mário César
Azevedo, Mário César de
Mário Azevedo
172.   Hierarchy of Azevedo, Militão Augusto de Azevedo, Militão Augusto de
(Brazilian photographer, 1837-1905) [500102078] (Persons, Artists)
Militão Augusto de Azevedo
173.   Hierarchy of Azevedo, Paulo Ormindo de Azevedo, Paulo Ormindo de
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500235626] (Persons, Artists)
Paulo Ormindo de Azevedo
174.   Hierarchy of Azevedo, Ricardo H. de Azevedo, Ricardo H. de
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500260872] (Persons, Artists)
Ricardo H. de Azevedo
175.   Hierarchy of Azevedo, Suzana Azevedo, Suzana
(Brazilian illustrator and engraver, born 1950) [500372005] (Persons, Artists)
Mello, Suzana Maranhão de Azevedo
Suzana Azevedo
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