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101.   Hierarchy of Andrade, Mário de Andrade, Mário de
(Brazilian artist, writer, and preservationist, 1893-1945) [500276645] (Persons, Artists)
De Andrade, Mário
Mário de Andrade
102.   Hierarchy of Andrade, Maura de Andrade, Maura de
(Brazilian photographer, engraver and draftsman, born 1969) [500371985] (Persons, Artists)
Andrade, Maura Regina de
Maura de Andrade
Novo, Maura de Andrade
103.   Hierarchy of Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados
(Brazilian firm, contemporary) [500259422] (Corporate Bodies)
104.   Hierarchy of Andrade, Oswald de Andrade, Oswald de
(Brazillian poet, 1890-1954) [500356667] (Non-Artists)
Oswald de Andrade
105.   Hierarchy of Andrade, Roberto Andrade, Roberto
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500235610] (Persons, Artists)
Roberto Andrade
106.   Hierarchy of Andrade, Rodrigo Andrade, Rodrigo
(Brazilian painter, born 1962) [500343739] (Persons, Artists)
Rodrigo Andrade
107.   Hierarchy of Andrade, Sonia Andrade, Sonia
(Brazilian video artist, born 1935) [500116215] (Persons, Artists)
Sonia Andrade
108.   Hierarchy of Andrade, Tarcísio Bahia de Andrade, Tarcísio Bahia de
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500244909] (Persons, Artists)
Bahia de Andrade, Tarcísio
De Andrade, Tarcísio Bahia
Tarcísio Bahia de Andrade
109.   Hierarchy of Andrade, Vinicius Andrade, Vinicius
(Brazilian architect, born 1968) [500278312] (Persons, Artists)
Vinicius Andrade
110.   Hierarchy of Andreatini, Luiz Andreatini, Luiz
(Brazilian painter, 1921-2001) [500356715] (Persons, Artists)
Luiz Andreatini
111.   Hierarchy of Andreau, Juan Francisco Andreau, Juan Francisco
(Brazilian architect, active late 20th century) [500070481] (Persons, Artists)
Juan Francisco Andreau
112.   Hierarchy of André, Marcus André, Marcus
(Brazilian painter, born 1961) [500342565] (Persons, Artists)
André, Marcos
Andre, Marcus
Marcus André
Silva, Marcus André Souza e
Sousa e Silva, Marcus André
Souza e Silva, Marcus André
113.   Hierarchy of Andreou, Constantin Andreou, Constantin
(French sculptor, born 1919 in Brazil) [500192082] (Persons, Artists)
Constantin Andreou
114.   Hierarchy of Andres, Maria Helena Andres, Maria Helena
(Brazilian painter, born 1922) [500048549] (Persons, Artists)
Maria Helena Andres
115.   Hierarchy of Angi, Black Arquitetos Angi, Black Arquitetos
(Brazilian firm, contemporary) [500207708] (Corporate Bodies)
Black Arquitetos Angi
116.   Hierarchy of Angi, José Angi, José
(Brazilian architect, active late 20th century) [500060673] (Persons, Artists)
José Angi
117.   Hierarchy of Anteghini, Márcia Cristina Anteghini, Márcia Cristina
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500235576] (Persons, Artists)
Márcia Cristina Anteghini
118.   Hierarchy of Antonio, Celso Antonio, Celso
(Brazilian sculptor, 1896-1984) [500356580] (Persons, Artists)
Antônio, Celso
Celso Antonio
De Menezes, Celso Antoônio
Meneses, Celso Antoônio de
Menezes, Celso Antoônio de
Silveira de Menezes, Celso Antoônio
119.   Hierarchy of Antunes, Arnaldo Antunes, Arnaldo
(Brazilian musician and poet, born 1960) [500338786] (Persons, Artists)
Arnaldo Antunes
120.   Hierarchy of Antunes Ribeiro, Paolo Antunes Ribeiro, Paolo
(Brazilian architect, 1905-1978) [500118114] (Persons, Artists)
Antunes Ribeiro, Paulo
Paulo Antunes Ribeiro
121.   Hierarchy of Anzolch, Roni Anzolch, Roni
(Brazilian architect, born 1962) [500113025] (Persons, Artists)
Roni Anzolch
122.   Hierarchy of Aquino, Angelo de Aquino, Angelo de
(Brazilian painter, born 1945) [500338325] (Persons, Artists)
Angelo de Aquino
De Aquino, Angelo
123.   Hierarchy of Arantes, Otila Beatriz Fiori Arantes, Otila Beatriz Fiori
(Brazilian philosopher and author, contemporary) [500242126] (Non-Artists)
Fiori Arantes, Otilia Beatriz Fiori
Otila Beatriz Fiori Arantes
124.   Hierarchy of Araújo, Cláudio Luiz Araújo, Cláudio Luiz
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500223060] (Persons, Artists)
Cláudio Luiz Araújo
125.   Hierarchy of Araujo, Emanoel Araujo, Emanoel
(Brazilian painter, draftsman, and graphic artist, born 1940) [500331749] (Persons, Artists)
Araujo, Emanuel
Araújo, Emanuel
Emanoel Araújo
Emanoel Araujo
Emanuel Araujo
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