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226.   Hierarchy of Barretto, Joaquim Barretto, Joaquim
(Brazilian architect, active late 20th century) [500112104] (Persons, Artists)
Joaquim Barretto
227.   Hierarchy of Barrio, Artur Barrio, Artur
(Portuguese mixed-media artist, born 1945) [500356511] (Persons, Artists)
Artur Alípio Barrio
Artur Alípio Barrio de Souza Lopes
Artur Barrio
Barrio, Artur Alípio
Barrio de Sousa Lopes, Artur Alípio
De Sousa Lopes, Artur Alípio Barrio
Lopes, Artur Alípio Barrio de Sousa
Lopes, Artur Alípio Barrio de Sousa
Sousa Lopes, Artur Alípio Barrio de
228.   Hierarchy of Barros, Athayde Barros, Athayde
(Brazilian painter, born 1920) [500356513] (Persons, Artists)
Athayde Barros
229.   Hierarchy of Barros, Fabiana de Barros, Fabiana de
(Brazilian painter, sculptor, and computer artist, born 1957) [500385473] (Persons, Artists)
Fabiana de Barros
230.   Hierarchy of Barros, Geraldo de Barros, Geraldo de
(Brazilian painter and photographer, 1923-1998) [500118158] (Persons, Artists)
Barros, Gerald de
Gerald de Barros
Geraldo de Barros
231.   Hierarchy of Barros, Ismael de Barros, Ismael de
(Brazilian sculptor, active 20th century) [500372023] (Persons, Artists)
Ismael de Barros
232.   Hierarchy of Barros, Lenora de Barros, Lenora de
(Brazilian poet, born 1953) [500356514] (Non-Artists)
De Barros, Lenora
Lenora de Barros
233.   Hierarchy of Barros, Maria Antonieta Barros, Maria Antonieta
(Brazilian painter, 1911-1979) [500356515] (Persons, Artists)
Maria Antonieta Amaral Souza Barros
Maria Antonieta Barros
234.   Hierarchy of Barros, Mercedes Barros, Mercedes
(Brazilian photographer, born 1957) [500115115] (Persons, Artists)
Mercedes Barros
235.   Hierarchy of Barroso, Cristina Barroso, Cristina
(Brazilian painter, born 1958) [500385476] (Persons, Artists)
Cristina Barroso
236.   Hierarchy of Barroso, Paulo Barroso, Paulo
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500266629] (Persons, Artists)
Paulo Barroso
237.   Hierarchy of Barros, Osmar Barros, Osmar
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500289955] (Persons, Artists)
Osmar Barros
238.   Hierarchy of Barros, Paula Barros, Paula
(Brazilian architect, born 1972) [500272851] (Persons, Artists)
Paula Barros
239.   Hierarchy of Barros, Renata Barros, Renata
(Brazilian illustrator, born 1959) [500372025] (Persons, Artists)
Barros, Renata Luzzi de
Renata Barros
240.   Hierarchy of Barros, Thiago Barros, Thiago
(Brazilian photographer, born 1979) [500356516] (Persons, Artists)
Barros, Thiago Augusto Teixeira
Thiago Barros
241.   Hierarchy of Barsotti, Hércules Barsotti, Hércules
(Argentine industrial designer and painter, born 1914) [500124519] (Persons, Artists)
Barsotti, Hercules
Hércules Barsotti
242.   Hierarchy of Barsuglia, Ricardo Barsuglia, Ricardo
(Brazilian painter and sculptor, 1908-1988) [500372028] (Persons, Artists)
Ricardo Barsuglia
243.   Hierarchy of Bartira, Uiara Bartira, Uiara
(Brazilian painter, illustrator and printmaker, born 1949) [500372029] (Persons, Artists)
Bartira, Uiara Saporiti Cioffi
Cioffi, Uiara Bartira S.
Uiara Bartira
244.   Hierarchy of Basbaum, Ricardo Basbaum, Ricardo
(Brazilian painter and sculptor, born 1961) [500385795] (Persons, Artists)
Basbaum, Ricardo Roclaw
Ricardo Basbaum
245.   Hierarchy of Basiches, José Ricardo Basiches, José Ricardo
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500285631] (Persons, Artists)
José Ricardo Basiches
246.   Hierarchy of Bassi, Torquato Bassi, Torquato
(Brazilian painter, 1880-1967) [500356517] (Persons, Artists)
Torquato Bassi
247.   Hierarchy of Bastarrica, Bertolaza, Ferrari, Gervaz e Otero Bastarrica, Bertolaza, Ferrari, Gervaz e Otero
(Brazilian architectural firm, contemporary) [500257747] (Corporate Bodies)
Bertolaza Bastarrica Ferrari Gervaz e Otero
248.   Hierarchy of Bastos, Carlos Bastos, Carlos
(Brazilian muralist, illustrator, and draftsman, 1925-2004 ) [500372030] (Persons, Artists)
Bastos, Carlos Frederico
Bastos, Frederico Carlos
Carlos Bastos
249.   Hierarchy of Bastos, David Bastos, David
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500272882] (Persons, Artists)
David Bastos
250.   Hierarchy of Bastos, Dorothy Bastos, Dorothy
(Brazilian engraver, born 1933) [500356518] (Persons, Artists)
Dorothy Bastos
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