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226.   Hierarchy of Barros, Athayde Barros, Athayde
(Brazilian painter, born 1920) [500356513] (Persons, Artists)
Athayde Barros
227.   Hierarchy of Barros, Fabiana de Barros, Fabiana de
(Brazilian painter, sculptor, and computer artist, born 1957) [500385473] (Persons, Artists)
Fabiana de Barros
228.   Hierarchy of Barros, Geraldo de Barros, Geraldo de
(Brazilian painter and photographer, 1923-1998) [500118158] (Persons, Artists)
Barros, Gerald de
Gerald de Barros
Geraldo de Barros
229.   Hierarchy of Barros, Ismael de Barros, Ismael de
(Brazilian sculptor, active 20th century) [500372023] (Persons, Artists)
Ismael de Barros
230.   Hierarchy of Barros, Lenora de Barros, Lenora de
(Brazilian poet, born 1953) [500356514] (Non-Artists)
De Barros, Lenora
Lenora de Barros
231.   Hierarchy of Barros, Maria Antonieta Barros, Maria Antonieta
(Brazilian painter, 1911-1979) [500356515] (Persons, Artists)
Maria Antonieta Amaral Souza Barros
Maria Antonieta Barros
232.   Hierarchy of Barros, Mercedes Barros, Mercedes
(Brazilian photographer, born 1957) [500115115] (Persons, Artists)
Mercedes Barros
233.   Hierarchy of Barroso, Cristina Barroso, Cristina
(Brazilian painter, born 1958) [500385476] (Persons, Artists)
Cristina Barroso
234.   Hierarchy of Barroso, Paulo Barroso, Paulo
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500266629] (Persons, Artists)
Paulo Barroso
235.   Hierarchy of Barros, Osmar Barros, Osmar
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500289955] (Persons, Artists)
Osmar Barros
236.   Hierarchy of Barros, Paula Barros, Paula
(Brazilian architect, born 1972) [500272851] (Persons, Artists)
Paula Barros
237.   Hierarchy of Barros, Renata Barros, Renata
(Brazilian illustrator, born 1959) [500372025] (Persons, Artists)
Barros, Renata Luzzi de
Renata Barros
238.   Hierarchy of Barros, Thiago Barros, Thiago
(Brazilian photographer, born 1979) [500356516] (Persons, Artists)
Barros, Thiago Augusto Teixeira
Thiago Barros
239.   Hierarchy of Barsotti, Hércules Barsotti, Hércules
(Argentine industrial designer and painter, born 1914) [500124519] (Persons, Artists)
Barsotti, Hercules
Hércules Barsotti
240.   Hierarchy of Barsuglia, Ricardo Barsuglia, Ricardo
(Brazilian painter and sculptor, 1908-1988) [500372028] (Persons, Artists)
Ricardo Barsuglia
241.   Hierarchy of Bartira, Uiara Bartira, Uiara
(Brazilian painter, illustrator and printmaker, born 1949) [500372029] (Persons, Artists)
Bartira, Uiara Saporiti Cioffi
Cioffi, Uiara Bartira S.
Uiara Bartira
242.   Hierarchy of Basbaum, Ricardo Basbaum, Ricardo
(Brazilian painter and sculptor, born 1961) [500385795] (Persons, Artists)
Basbaum, Ricardo Roclaw
Ricardo Basbaum
243.   Hierarchy of Basiches, José Ricardo Basiches, José Ricardo
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500285631] (Persons, Artists)
José Ricardo Basiches
244.   Hierarchy of Bassi, Torquato Bassi, Torquato
(Brazilian painter, 1880-1967) [500356517] (Persons, Artists)
Torquato Bassi
245.   Hierarchy of Bastarrica, Bertolaza, Ferrari, Gervaz e Otero Bastarrica, Bertolaza, Ferrari, Gervaz e Otero
(Brazilian architectural firm, contemporary) [500257747] (Corporate Bodies)
Bertolaza Bastarrica Ferrari Gervaz e Otero
246.   Hierarchy of Bastos, Carlos Bastos, Carlos
(Brazilian muralist, illustrator, and draftsman, 1925-2004 ) [500372030] (Persons, Artists)
Bastos, Carlos Frederico
Bastos, Frederico Carlos
Carlos Bastos
247.   Hierarchy of Bastos, David Bastos, David
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500272882] (Persons, Artists)
David Bastos
248.   Hierarchy of Bastos, Dorothy Bastos, Dorothy
(Brazilian engraver, born 1933) [500356518] (Persons, Artists)
Dorothy Bastos
249.   Hierarchy of Bastos, Marcos Leite Bastos, Marcos Leite
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500223107] (Persons, Artists)
Marcos Leite Bastos
250.   Hierarchy of Bastos, Paulo Bastos, Paulo
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500239714] (Persons, Artists)
Paulo Bastos
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