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1.   Hierarchy of Bulanda Mucha Bulanda Mucha
(Polish architectural firm, contemporary) [500263715] (Corporate Bodies)
2.   Hierarchy of Mucha, Alphonse Mucha, Alphonse
(Czech painter and printmaker, 1860-1939) [500030136] (Persons, Artists)
Alfons Marie Mucha
Alphonse Marie Mucha
Alphonse Mucha
Mucha, Alfons
mucha alfons
Mucha, Alfonse Maria
Mucha, Alfons Marie
Mucha, Alphons
Mucha, Alphonse Maria
Mucha, Alphonse Marie
Mucha, A. M.
3.   Hierarchy of Mucha, Marco Mucha, Marco
(artist, active 20th century) [500379268] (Unidentified Named People and Firms)
Marco Mucha
4.   Hierarchy of Mucha, P. Mucha, P.
(German artist, active ca. 1900) [500074485] (Persons, Artists)
P. Mucha
5.   Hierarchy of Mucha, Patty Mucha, Patty
(American poet and performance artist, born 1935) [500355446] (Persons, Artists)
Mucha, Pat
Mucha, Patti
Patty Mucha
6.   Hierarchy of Mucha, Reinhard Mucha, Reinhard
(German sculptor and photographer, born 1950) [500047411] (Persons, Artists)
Mucha, Reinhard Ulrich
Reinhard Mucha
Reinhard Ulrich Mucha
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