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1.   Hierarchy of Quaglio Quaglio
(German artist) [500407458] (Unidentified Named People and Firms)
quaglio, familie
2.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Angelo, I Quaglio, Angelo, I
(German engraver, painter, and architect, 1778-1815) [500003028] (Persons, Artists)
Angelo I Quaglio
Angelo Quaglio
angelo quaglio
Angelo Quaglio I
Michel Angelo Quaglio
Quaglio, Angelo
Quaglio, Angelo I
Quaglio, Angelo, le vieux
Quaglio, Angelo, the elder
Quaglio, Michael A.
Quaglio, Michael Angelo
Quaglio, Michael Angelo, le vieux
Quaglio, Michel Angelo
3.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Angelo, II Quaglio, Angelo, II
(Italian scenographer, 1829-1890, active in Germany) [500026441] (Persons, Artists)
Angelo II Quaglio
Angelo Quaglio
angelo quaglio
Angelo Quaglio II
quaglio, a.
quaglio, ang.
Quaglio, Angelo
Quaglio, Angelo II
Quaglio, Angelo, II, the Younger
Quaglio, Angelo, le jeune
Quaglio, Angelo, the younger
4.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Antonio Quaglio, Antonio
(German artist, born 1749) [500171771] (Persons, Artists)
Antonio Quaglio
5.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Domenico, I Quaglio, Domenico, I
(Italian history painter and portraitist, ca. 1708-1773, active in Austria and Italy) [500034332] (Persons, Artists)
Domenico Quaglio I
Quaglio, Domenico, le vieux
6.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Domenico, II Quaglio, Domenico, II
(Italian painter, printmaker, and draftsman, 1787-1837, active in Germany) [500020876] (Persons, Artists)
Domenico II Quaglio
Domenico Quaglio
Domenico Quaglio d.J.
Domenico Quaglio II
dominico quaglio
dominicus quaglio
dominik quaglio
domin. quaglio
dom. quaglio
d. quaglio
quaglio, d.
quaglio, dom.
quaglio, dom. d. j.
Quaglio, Domenico
Quaglio, Domenico II
Quaglio, Domenico, le jeune
quaglio, dominik
7.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Eugen Quaglio, Eugen
(German artist, 1857-1942) [500426561] (Persons, Artists)
e. quaglio
Eugen Quaglio
8.   Hierarchy of Quaglio family Quaglio family
(Italian family of artists and scenographers, active 17th-20th century in Italy and Germany) [500115728] (Corporate Bodies)
9.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Franz Quaglio, Franz
(Italian genre painter and landscapist, 1844-1920, active in Germany) [500034330] (Persons, Artists)
f. m. quaglio
f. quaglio
francesco quaglio
franz paul quaglio
Franz Quaglio
franz quaglio
fr. quaglio
quaglio, f.
quaglio franz
10.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Giovani Maria Quaglio, Giovani Maria
(German painter, lithographer, and architect, 1772-1813) [500427731] (Persons, Artists)
Giovanni Maria Quaglio
Giovanni Maria Von Quaglio
Giovanni Maria von Quaglio
quaglio, giovanni maria
Quaglio, Giovanni Maria Von
Quaglio, Johann Maria
11.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Giovanni Maria Quaglio, Giovanni Maria
(Italian draftsman, 1700-1765, active in Germany) [500003331] (Persons, Artists)
Giovanni Maria Quaglio
12.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Giulio, II Quaglio, Giulio, II
(Italian fresco painter, 1668-1751) [500027207] (Persons, Artists)
Giulio Quaglio
Giulio Quaglio II
Quaglio, Giulio
Quaglio, Giulio, le jeune
Quaglio, Julius
Quaglio, Julius, II
Quaglio, Julius II
Quaglio, Julius, le jeune
13.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Giulio, III Quaglio, Giulio, III
(Italian scenographer and architect, 1764-1801, active in Germany) [500012733] (Persons, Artists)
Giulio Quaglio III
Julius III Quaglio
Quaglio, Giulio
Quaglio, Julius, III
Quaglio, Julius III
14.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Giuseppe Quaglio, Giuseppe
(Italian scenographer and painter, 1747-1828, active in Germany) [500034333] (Persons, Artists)
Giuseppe Quaglio
Joseph Quaglio
Quaglio, Joseph
15.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Lorenzo, I Quaglio, Lorenzo, I
(Italian architect and scenographer, 1730-1804, active in Germany) [500020851] (Persons, Artists)
Lorenzo I Quaglio
Lorenzo I Von Quaglio
Lorenzo Quaglio
Lorenzo Quaglio I
Lorenzo von Quaglio I
Quaglio, Lorenzo
Quaglio, Lorenzo I
Quaglio, Lorenzo I Von
Quaglio, Lorenzo von, I
16.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Lorenzo, II Quaglio, Lorenzo, II
(Italian painter, printmaker, and scenographer, 1793-1869, active in Germany) [500015797] (Persons, Artists)
Lorenzo II Quaglio
lorenzo quaglio
lorenzo quaglio d.j.
Lorenzo Quaglio II
lorenz quaglio
lorenz quaglio d. j.
l. quaglio
quaglio d. j. l.
quaglio, l.
quaglio, lor.
quaglio, lorenz
Quaglio, Lorenzo
Quaglio, Lorenzo, d. J.
Quaglio, Lorenzo d. J.
quaglio, lorenzo, d.j.
Quaglio, Lorenzo II
17.   Hierarchy of Quaglio, Simon Quaglio, Simon
(Italian scenographer, painter, and lithographer, 1795-1878, active in Germany) [500034331] (Persons, Artists)
quaglio, sim.
Simon Quaglio
s. quaglio
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