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Guido Reni



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1.   Hierarchy of Cantarini, Simone Cantarini, Simone
(Italian painter and printmaker, 1612-1648) [500008734] (Persons, Artists)
Simone Cantarino Pesarese Scolare di Guido Reni
2.   Hierarchy of Reni, Guido Reni, Guido
(Italian painter, draftsman, 1575-1642) [500030334] (Persons, Artists)
Guido Reni
[Guido Reni]
guido reni, bologna
Guido Reni Bolognese
Guido Reni de Bologna
Guido Reni, dit le Guide
Guido-Reni, dit le Guide
Guido Reni, ou le Guide
Guido Reni van Bolonge
Le Guidoreni
3.   Hierarchy of Sirani, Elisabetta Sirani, Elisabetta
(Italian painter and printmaker, 1638-1665) [500015596] (Persons, Artists)
Sirani, scolara di Guido Reni
4.   Hierarchy of Sirani, Giovanni Andrea Sirani, Giovanni Andrea
(Italian painter and printmaker, 1610-1670) [500029946] (Persons, Artists)
Sirani alievo di Guido Reni
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