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Fran��ois Perrier



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1.   Hierarchy of Abel, François Barthélemy Marius Abel, François Barthélemy Marius
(French painter, 1832-1870) [500105157] (Persons, Artists)
François Barthélemy Marius Abel
2.   Hierarchy of About, Edmond About, Edmond
(French writer and critic, 1828-1885) [500313001] (Non-Artists)
About, Edmond-François-Valentin
3.   Hierarchy of Académie Française Académie Française
(French repository, contemporary) [500310041] (Corporate Bodies)
4.   Hierarchy of Acker, François-Paul Acker, François-Paul
(French ceramicist, born 1721) [500122157] (Persons, Artists)
François-Paul Acker
5.   Hierarchy of Adam, François Gaspard Balthasar Adam, François Gaspard Balthasar
(French sculptor, 1710-1761) [500020749] (Persons, Artists)
Adam, François-Gaspard-Balthasar
François Gaspard Balthasar Adam
6.   Hierarchy of Adnet, Françoise Adnet, Françoise
(French painter, born 1924) [500041201] (Persons, Artists)
Françoise Adnet
7.   Hierarchy of Agence d'Architecture Jean-François Jodry Agence d'Architecture Jean-François Jodry
(French architectural firm, contemporary) [500254183] (Corporate Bodies)
8.   Hierarchy of Agence François Seigneur Agence François Seigneur
(French architectural firm, contemporary) [500267423] (Corporate Bodies)
9.   Hierarchy of Ageron, François Ageron, François
(French clockmaker, active 1736) [500296552] (Persons, Artists)
François Ageron
10.   Hierarchy of Agnéty, François Agnéty, François
(French architect, active 1820-1845) [500080037] (Persons, Artists)
François Agnéty
11.   Hierarchy of Aiguillon, François d' Aiguillon, François d'
(Flemish mathematician, architect, and physician, 1566-1617) [500077557] (Persons, Artists)
Aguillon, François
Aguilonius, François
de Aguilón, François
François d' Aiguillon
12.   Hierarchy of Aken, François van Aken, François van
(Flemish painter, active 1667-1714/1734) [500015451] (Persons, Artists)
Aken, François Van
François van Aken
François Van Aken
13.   Hierarchy of Aken, Philippe François Leonard Marie van Aken, Philippe François Leonard Marie van
(Dutch painter, 1799-after 1834) [500297605] (Persons, Artists)
Aken, Philippe François Leonard Marie Van
Philippe François Leonard Marie van Aken
14.   Hierarchy of Albani, Francesco Albani, Francesco
(Bolognese painter, 1578-1660) [500005860] (Persons, Artists) Albani
Fran:co Albani Albano d'Albano
François Albane
François Albani
François Albani dit L'Albane
François Albani, dit l'Albane
François Albanne
François l'Albane
Fran.o Albani
15.   Hierarchy of Albanis de Beaumont, Jean-François Albanis de Beaumont, Jean-François
(Italian painter, printmaker, 1747-ca.1810, active in England) [500025411] (Persons, Artists)
Jean-François Albanis de Beaumont
16.   Hierarchy of Alberi, Francesco Alberi, Francesco
(Italian painter, 1765-1836) [500297471] (Persons, Artists) Alberi Alberi Ariminese
17.   Hierarchy of Albert-Durade, François d' Albert-Durade, François d'
(Swiss painter, 1804-1886) [500109070] (Persons, Artists)
Albert-Durade, Alexandre-Louis-François d'
François d'Albert-Durade
18.   Hierarchy of Albotto, Francesco Albotto, Francesco
(Italian painter and engraver, ca. 1723-1758) [500109611] (Persons, Artists)
Albotto, François
19.   Hierarchy of Algoud, Henri Algoud, Henri
(French writer and critic, 1869-1951) [500056599] (Non-Artists)
Algoud, Louis Henry François
20.   Hierarchy of Aliamet, François Germain Aliamet, François Germain
(French engraver and etcher, 1734-1790) [500110226] (Persons, Artists)
François Germain Aliamet
21.   Hierarchy of Aligny, Théodore Caruelle d' Aligny, Théodore Caruelle d'
(French landscapist and engraver, 1798-1871) [500028312] (Persons, Artists)
Aligny, Claude François Théodore Caruelle d'
22.   Hierarchy of Allegrini, Francesco Allegrini, Francesco
(Italian painter, ca. 1615-after 1679) [500115272] (Persons, Artists)
François Allegrini
23.   Hierarchy of Allemand, Louis Hector François Allemand, Louis Hector François
(French painter and engraver, 1809-1886) [500027671] (Persons, Artists)
Allemand, Louis-Hector-François
Louis Hector François Allemand
24.   Hierarchy of Alliance Française Alliance Française
(Uruguayan repository, Maldonado, contemporary) [500302467] (Corporate Bodies)
25.   Hierarchy of Alliance Française Alliance Française
(Sierra Leonean repository, Freetown, contemporary) [500305389] (Corporate Bodies)
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