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1.   Hierarchy of 03 München, Büro für Städtebau & Architektur 03 München, Büro für Städtebau & Architektur
(German architectural firm, contemporary) [500285422] (Corporate Bodies)
Büro für Städtebau & Architektur
2.   Hierarchy of Abbott, Frederick Abbott, Frederick
(British army officer, 1805-1892, active in India) [500355385] (Non-Artists)
Abbott, F.
3.   Hierarchy of Abbott, Lemuel Francis Abbott, Lemuel Francis
(English painter, ca. 1760-1802) [500012143] (Persons, Artists)
abbott f.l.
f.l. abbot
f.l. abbott
l.f. abbott
4.   Hierarchy of Abecassis, Elias Frederico Abecassis, Elias Frederico
(Portuguese artist, fl. 1898) [500407731] (Persons, Artists)
abecassis, f.
5.   Hierarchy of Aberson, Frederick Nicholas Lucretius Aberson, Frederick Nicholas Lucretius
(Dutch military officer, 1779-1859) [500354708] (Non-Artists)
Aberson, Kolonel F. N. L.
6.   Hierarchy of A.B.F. A.B.F.
(French architect, contemporary) [500269635] (Corporate Bodies)
7.   Hierarchy of Ablett, William Albert Ablett, William Albert
(French painter, 1877-1936) [500048355] (Persons, Artists)
Ablett, William A. F.
8.   Hierarchy of Abrosimov, F. Abrosimov, F.
(Russian icon painter, active 1680) [500057821] (Persons, Artists)
Abrosimoff, F.
F. Abrosimov
9.   Hierarchy of Academy of Fine Arts Academy of Fine Arts
(Hungarian repository, contemporary) [500306625] (Corporate Bodies)
Képzömuvészeti Föiskola
10.   Hierarchy of Aceves Ortega, Félix Aceves Ortega, Félix
(Mexican architect, born 1938) [500453946] (Persons, Artists)
Aceves, Félix
Félix Aceves Ortega
Ortega, Félix Aceves
11.   Hierarchy of Adams, Annie F. M. Adams, Annie F. M.
(British artist, active early 20th century) [500183428] (Persons, Artists)
Annie F. M. Adams
12.   Hierarchy of Adelantado, Félix Adelantado, Félix
(Spanish painter, 1911-2001) [500339792] (Persons, Artists)
Adelantado Enfedaque, Félix
Enfedaque, Félix Adelantado
Félix Adelantado
13.   Hierarchy of Adelcrantz, Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz, Carl Fredrik
(Swedish architect, 1716-1796) [500016314] (Persons, Artists)
Adelcrantz, C. F.
C. F. Adelcrantz
14.   Hierarchy of Adolf Fényes Hall Adolf Fényes Hall
(Hungarian repository, Budapest, contemporary) [500306626] (Corporate Bodies)
Fényes Adolf Terem
15.   Hierarchy of Adolphi, Georg F. Adolphi, Georg F.
(German architect, active late 20th century) [500019258] (Persons, Artists)
Georg F. Adolphi
16.   Hierarchy of Adolph, M. F. Adolph, M. F.
(German painter, active ca. 1788) [500097795] (Persons, Artists)
M. F. Adolph
17.   Hierarchy of Adolphus, F. Adolphus, F.
(British artist, active mid- to late 18th century) [500183435] (Persons, Artists)
F. Adolphus
18.   Hierarchy of Adriansen, F. Adriansen, F.
(Scandinavian artist, before 1822) [500051159] (Persons, Artists)
F. Adriansen
19.   Hierarchy of Adriansen, F. Adriansen, F.
(Artist) [500411416] (Unidentified Named People and Firms)
F. Adriansen
20.   Hierarchy of Aerni, Franz Theodor Aerni, Franz Theodor
(Swiss painter, 1853-1918) [500011101] (Persons, Artists)
f. aerni
21.   Hierarchy of AES + F (group of artists) AES + F (group of artists)
(artist, active 20th century) [500385535] (Unidentified Named People and Firms)
22.   Hierarchy of Affleck, Andrew F. Affleck, Andrew F.
(British painter, born 1874, active 1910-1935) [500031062] (Persons, Artists)
Andrew F. Affleck
23.   Hierarchy of Afonichev, Vladislav F. Afonichev, Vladislav F.
(British artist, active 1988) [500196839] (Persons, Artists)
Vladislav F. Afonichev
24.   Hierarchy of ag4 Mediatecture ag4 Mediatecture
(German architectural firm, contemporary) [500241406] (Corporate Bodies)
Büro für Architektur und Medien Lepel, Singer, Kronhagel
25.   Hierarchy of Agha, Mehemed Fehmy Agha, Mehemed Fehmy
(Russian-American photographer, editor, 1896-1978) [500032736] (Persons, Artists)
Agha, Dr. M. F.
Agha, Mehemed F.
Agha, M. F.
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